Bone Density Scans ....

Bone Density Scans …

Bone Density Scans … HI Girls

I think that because I was on Arimadex (approx 4 months) the oncologist requested that I be monitored for bone loss. So last week I went to the Liverpool Womens Hospital (good place) to have this scan.

It only takes about 10 mins and I think that its really worth it.

I would have considered myself fairly fit, before the bc scare I used to ride horses most days and walked my dogs twice every day and never had a problem with that, so I was surprised to find out that I am at the top of the scale going down into osteopherosis. If they catch it early enough you can take a tablet every week which tells the body to store any calcium coming in, in the bone (wonderful eh?)

The Arimadex does strip calcium from the bone, but because I have only been on it for a short period my problem must be caused by other things, ie: diet, genetic or just pure Im getting old! (Im 47)

I just think that this is a good scan to have and monitor…so maybe ask for it girls especially if you are on Arimadex.

Have a good day!!

Love Debbie x

Hi Debbie,
I’m also 47 and have been on Arimidex for 4 months. I considered myself to be quite fit (pre bc), with dog walking, aquafit and skiing. But having seen your post it has definately prompted me to ask for bone density scan. Thanks for that.
Take care.
Claire x

Hi, the Arimidex leaflet (briefly) touches on how harsh it can be to the bones.
I’ve been getting Adcal D3 tablets from my GP since starting hormonal treatment. My bones are under scrutiny anyway as I have bone mets but they are absolutely fine, very strong.
Arimidex has also put me into complete remission since early summer 2005. It’s a powerful little pill!
Best Wishes.

Hi Belinda,
Yes I’ve read a lot about how good it is, very glad I had an early menopause and am able to have it. But I will ask about protecting my bones.
Glad to hear how well you’re doing, I read your posts often, you always seem to have the knack of saying just the right thing. I think you must give a lot of comfort to those newly diagnosed especially with secondaries
Take care
Claire x

Thanks Claire, we are the same age, I have just had a read of your profile. :slight_smile:
Best Wishes,

Helen… Hi Helen

Thanks for your reply, you seem to be doing all the right things to protect your bones, I think (I hope) that the thinning of the bones happens over a long period of time, so I shouldn’t worry about your second scan, please let me know how you get on. I too take a calcium supplement twice a day, another posting mentioned the name (there, I go again with forgetting things!)

I also had my ovaries out in early August, and before you mentioned it I hadn’t linked the two things ie: loss of bone density, when you think of it the ovaries are producing oestrogen (which my tumour was sensitive to) and we need this hormone for the bone structure, so maybe its a combination of all the things, age, lack of ovaries, going into the menopause and the Arimadex…

You mentioned that you had the aches and pains, I do as well, usually worse first thing in the morning, one posting mentioned walking like a duck, and I had to laugh as I thought that, that was a perfect description! I think that it does ease off after a while, and I suppose we just have to think that if the tablet is doing its job, (and I think that we forget just how powerful this drug is) then its worth it, although on bad days it can get a little too much on top of everything else!

The skin dryness could be due to the above things as well, especially being thrown into the change, I think that, that is one of the symptoms, make it an excuse to have a good facial?

Love Debbie xx

Debbie Hope you dont mind me asking you but how do they do a bone density scan ?
what happens ?

i’m also on Arimidex but have not had one of these yet,
i can hardly move when i first get out of bed on a morning!

kim xxx

Kim… Hi Kim

It really is a doddle! It takes about 10 mins, the machine is nothing like as intimidating as other bone scan machines. You lie on a bed and the machine itself is shaped like a very small arch, the pad just goes over the hip and leg bones, for the hip scan a cushion is placed under your legs so that they are raised, (very comfortable position) unlike the bone scan there are no injections involved, and you don’t have to get undressed.

The radiographer mentioned that if all hospitals offered/had the machine it would save an aful lot of problems with people having breaks in later life. At the point where they detect it early it really can be treated. I think that the problem with getting out of bed is to do with the Arimadex and not an indication of early ostephorosis (as I think that there are no symptoms) Im told that the symptoms of Arimadex will ease with time.

Hope that the info helps, I would not hesitate in telling other ladies to request this scan, at least if we are monitored whilst taking Arimadex andy problems caused can be rectified.

Love Debbie x

Hi Ladies,

I have now been on Arimidex for about 1 year and I also had to ask for bone density scan which luckily showed I was currently OK.

In my case, the machine they used was rather like a footbath, you placed your feet on it and it sent a current thru the bones and based on that they could measure to density - wierd.

I also take AdCal supplement twice daily but I seem to remember reading recently that one of the best things to do in order to reduce bone loss is gentle weight bearing exercises.

As to other side effects of Arimidex, yes I agree with the joint pains and the dry skin, another one you may also come across is thinning of the hair so don’t throw those wigs away yet :).


Sorry…but!! Hi Siggy

My hair better stay just where it’s put as the dogs were last seen running around the house with what looked like a dead rat in their mouth, (my wig)…!!!

Debbie x

Oh Debbie,

What a great way to start the morning, with a really good laugh.

Mind you, you may consider you are in complete trouble when they nick the false teeth as well :).