Bone marrow infection

I had an MRI of my shoulder recently for a problem unrelated to BC, and the consultant said the scan showed an infection in my bone marrow. She speculated that it might be caused by chemo (I’m midway - have done 3xFEC, due first Tax in 10 days), but didn’t seem keen to discuss it further. I am not due to see my onc for another week, so was wondering if anybody here has had a similar problem and can shed any light on what it might mean. Thanks

Hi Finty,

I haven’t experienced this so I’m sorry that I can’t really help. I’m posting to bump you up because you’ve had no replies yet. I’m sure there will be someone who can help.

If you have a breast care nurse you might want to ask her for more information. If she doesn’t know she should be able to put you back in touch with your consultant. Could be your consultant needs to take advice from another specialist before discussing it with you more fully but she should have said so.

Good luck, Jan xx

Thanks Jan - actually got to see my onc unexpectedly yesterday - I had a nasty virus and finished up being admitted for tests. She thinks it is the marrow working overtime to compensate for chemo, as a result of the Neulasta injection I give myself the day after chemo to boost bloods. Huge relief - it’s hard not to be bit panicky when something new shows up.