bone marrow mets

Anyone got bone marrow mets? Just been for bone marrow aspiration today x

How did it go bc-lass? I don’t think I have marrow mets but I don’t know for certain. Did you feel tired, have symptoms or is it something which showed in blood tests?

Hi Belinda - a bit uncomfortable than actually painful. Results not back for few wks. Haemaglobin gone right down and feel v tired. X

Hi bc lass and daisy, I am sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time at the moment
Along with the support here our helpliners are on hand with further support, please do feel free to call on 0808 800 6000 ( weekdays 9-5 Sat 10-2)

There is some information about bone marrow infiltration on our bone secondary info page which may help, here’s the link:

Take care
Lucy BCC