Bone Marrow

Hey ladies,/gents

I’m looking for information about bone marrow infiltration. There is very little information on here.

The oncologists believe that it is not the Cape causing my mum’s anaemia and breathlessness, but possible bone marrow mets. They are going to run some further tests.

Can you live well with bone marrow mets? Does it limit treatment options? Does it affect prognosis ? 

Anyone with any experience with breast cancer in the bone marrow , good or bad, any advice, guidance or support would be much appreciated. I’m trying to prepare myself for the worst case.


Sorry you’ve not had a reply yet , it doesn’t seem like there’s much existence of this on the forum for people to share.  .You could maybe ask some advice in the Ask the Nurses section , so sorry your Mum and you are having a tough time at the moment I hope she gets some relief soon  x

Hi there I know this is a few months down the line but it took a while to get diagnosed. I have bone marrow secondaries and it is difficult to get any information on the forum. Finally my oncologist said he sees 1 or 2 a year but he is great. I am 74 and had primary lobular invasive 10 years ago and opted for a mastectomy. This time I was referred to a haematologist to start with because of concerns around my bloods. I had a bone marrow biopsy which confirmed diagnosis. It isn’t anywhere else and not in the bone at all. Rather unusual. And worrying because of that and all the waiting. But he says it is a slow moving kind of thing. I am looking at all the treatment options at the moment just considering what I want to do, measuring side effects against effectiveness. Thinking of you and take care xx

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