Bone metastases... I think I need a virtual Hug

Bone metastases diagnosed last month. I had a mastectomy and axillary lymph nodes clearance. Ongoing radiotherapy (two left hurray ). I’m on zoladex, letrozole and Denosumab at the moment. Pablo after radiotherapy.

Just Want to say Hello

I’m mom of two girls 11 and 13? ( not an easy job at all!)

I know that everyone is saying, live your life, spend as much time with your kids as you can!! Well I guess I’m different. I could easily sell them on a black market or send them to school abroad

Hi Zofiamaja

Yep, I think you are WELL “worthy”, of a HUGE, MASSIVE “Virtual” (((HUG))) 

I’m  soo very sorry, to hear you have bone mets, being aware of the seriousness of that, for your Magself, 

Well done Your Rads, and only two left - YEY, girl!!

Are you saying, you don’t have a “partner” around, in/with your 2 girls??? and their upbringing?? Or are you being facetious, and DO have??? 

Delly xXXx

Hi , I’m same boat as u I have a teenage girl , breast , lung liver and bones , I’ve been on the treatment you are on and going to be on the pablo , 2.5 years in really good response and all bone mets healed and nad so I’m feeling more hopeful that this is just a long term condition and not the death sentence I felt at the beginning xxx sending many hugs  

also don’t think it’s odd u don’t want to spend all your time with kids , I just once a month have a day and night with one child doing something they like is bowling or something and cheap night in hotel , next month other child , it’s about the quality time not feeling guilted into it xxx