Bone Mets aches and pains

Hi All


Trying to get to grips with this forum and have tried to reply to the Bone mets feed but for some reason can’t??!! Anyway just wanted to ask those with bone mets what tips and ideas folk have to manage those pesky aches and pains. My secondary started in my hip last year, I had radiotherapy last Oct which seems to have helped and I can certainly walk much further and do more around the home.  Recently I am having aches in my ankles and neck, not sure if the change in weather is a factor??!!  I am on Letrozole, Adcal and when my calcium lets me Denosumab.  Is there anything else I could try??



Hi Emma

Me again (from previous post) and similar my mets are menubrium, right pelvis and right humerous . I too am on letrozole, adcal and Denosumab. But also herceptin and prejeta. I asked a similar question on a different social media site and was advised lots of things but did put them to my secondary breast care nurse re possible compromising of current treatment. Any way I tried a magnetic arthritis bracelet and I currently take omega fish supplements and glucosamine supplements. Plus the good old analgesia brufen and over the counter co-codamol. I also had a free session of acupuncture which was massively surprising to me as it really helped. I just need to go back for more now, but am also going to try swimming as advised as quite low impact etc.

But saying all that I do think cold damp weather does also play a part. Hope some of that may help, but it’s not nice is it? Rachel x

Hi there Emma. I too have bone mets in my hip/thigh, and also many other bones. Do you mind me asking if you have had scans of the areas in which you have these aches? My first thought would be to mention this to your oncologist if not.

I have experienced pain in spinal and rib bone met areas as an ache. I found cocodamol helped a lot.  I have recently had significant pain in my hip (prob combinatiin of surgery  radiotherapy, bone strengthening drugs). Worse at 4am! Really struggled getting on top of it. I found side effects of oxycodone (longtec and shortec), to be nausea/vomiting, I got serious constipation from the ondansetron which I took to stop nausea from said oxycodone. I stopped both of these and upped the 100mg gabapentin I usually take 3 times a day, to 200mg 3 times a day. After a few days of feeling pretty knocked out I was painfree(and constipation free - yippee). 

I have aches in my left hip now and am going to see my osteopath who does nedical acupuncture. She worked wonders with other pain but not seen her since diagnosis.