bone mets advice please

hi just to ask a wee question i dont like phoning my bn feel like she treats me like im wasting her time i had a wle in aug had grade 2 stage 2 idc nodes clear but before finding the lump in my breast i had a small pea sized lump under the skin at the top of my thigh now its a kind of oblong lump if that makes sense am i just being paranoid cause i thought the surgen said it could only spread through the nodes and they where clear id just be grealy gratefull for any advice thanks xx


Hi there, I have bone mets in 5 locations, none of them I can actually feel. I’m too much of a novice to tell you how the dreaded c spreads but I have lumps in other places that are just fatty deposits, yours could very easily be nothing sinister. But honestly, the only way to know for sure is to get it checked out.
Hope you get reassurance, good luck xxx

thankyou so much for your advice i will go to my doc xxx

Kerij - yes, do go to your doctors or even ring the breast clinic/nurse at your hospital. Natasha is absolutely right with her advice.

thanks lizcat will phone my doctor today xxx

hi kerij. I know how it feels. I had wle and snb in aug fir stage 1 grade 2 invasive ductal. I’ve already been back to see my bn with what I though was another breast lump but was assured it was a result of my rads. My dexa scan has shown an unusally high density reading so have had hips x-rayed and waiting for result - gp cannot say what he thi nks it is so now worried re mets even tho likely to be osteoarthritis. Always get anything that worries you checked - how can anyone who has not been on our journey possibly understand how these things affect us. x

so true softkitty got an appointment with my doc next week so will get it checked then xxx