Bone mets

Hi everyone new to this and extremely overwhelmed 

Diagnosis with bilateral breast cancer in 2014 lobular in 1 ductal in other chemotherapy to shrink tumor 

3FEC 3 doxetacel, operation not mastectomy 13 nodes taken 3positive then 15 doses of radiotherapy tamoxifen for approximately 4.5years now on Letrezole…fast forward to now severe pain in hip/groin/pelvis 11nov went to Doctor thought it was muscle strain given codeine was like a zombie.Still no better saw the physio at surgery said I needed MRI he would sort this out two days later phone calls from physio you need to go to A and E had X ray and said meralgia parathetica nerve forward 2more days physio still wasn’t convinced then I get another phone call from Doctors saying muscoskeletal consultant has looked at X rays and I have bone Mets in pelvis so now waiting urgent oncologist appointment…I am feeling overwhelmed,anxious and so downhearted not coping with the wait sorry this is so long

I was diagnosed with bone mets in my ribs, hips and sacrum four years ago.

I was put on letrazole and a chemo tablet which I chose not to take after a couple of months as it made me so tired.

My treatment has kept my situation pretty stable. Letrazole was changed to Fulvrestrant a few months ago.

I tire more easily than I would like but am able to do most of the things that I want to do.

There are many treatment options available which your oncologist will talk you through.

Good luck with your appointment. Thinking positive thoughts for you. xx