bone mets

waiting to start chemo on nov 30th and in the last 2 weeks got horrendous ache/tenderness/painfull to touch on ribs just to left of affected breast. Cant lie on side, affecting my sleep, no appetite, painfull to so any kind of stretching on that side. macmillan nurse been out n said it’s not fluid n to see gp. he’s comming out sometime today. In the meantime i found Bone Mets on this site which sounds exactly what i’m dealing with at mo…any one got any more info or advice…this is driving me mad x

Hi Joloz1,

If you need to talk to someone then the helpline staff are here to support you. Lines are open now until 5pm tonight (M-F 9-5 & Sat 9-2), calls are free 0808 800 6000.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

docs been and advised me to talk to macmillan nurse regarding a bone scan…not liing the sound of this x

Hi joloz,

You don’t say if you have had any surgery for your breast cancer, or are they going to give you chemo first? I don’t really understand why you have not been to your hospital/oncologist with this problem - they would normally be organising any scan etc. not the macmillan nurse. If you have had breast surgery it is quite possible that they pain you are experiencing is due to that. I know it is so worrying when we get these pains and I hope you get answers soon.


i have had surgery 4 wees ago, part removal of breast and lymph nodes. appt for 30th nov to get ball rolling for 6 months chemo then intensive radiotherapy, herceptin tamoxifen etc. actually i’m so lost i dunno if i go to macmillan nurse or doctor or where so i saw nurse first then my own gp…i’m not sure what i’m supposed to be doing to be honest x

I suggest you contact the clinic which is taking cre of you, perhaps the breast care nurse or your surgeon/oncologist, not your gp or macmillan nurse. It may well be that the pain etc is just a side effect from the operation, but they will know best

ok this is going to sound really pathetic, but ,i think i’m confusing macmillan nurse with bc nurse… since diagnosis ive dealt with same oncologist and nurse…and i think for whatever reason i thought she was a macmillan nurse. the pennys just dropped! so it was actually the bc nurse i rang n not macmillan nurse…god i feel stupid now!

just read the card she gave me and it says she’s macmillan breast care nurse specialist…

LOL you’re not as daft as you then then :). It is all very confusing at first but in time you will become the ‘expert’ that we all think we are. At this stage it is probably best to refer back to your bcn with any problems you have. She will sort you out and make sure you get things you need - any pain meds etc. The thing is at this early stage to make sure that it is/isn’t related to your breast cancer. Hope the pain eases for you but after surgery all sorts of things take time to mend and create lots of odd aches & pains. You will find this too with the radiotherapy. Take care and try not to worry too much. Just come and chat here about things that worry you - and if you need them - then the helpline is there for you to call them and chat about worries.


Funny thing is my surgery scars are tickety boo…had no probs with them whatsoever and no fluid or anything. This started as a discomfort in the ribs just left of affected breast about 9 days ago…now at point where it aches constantly, i can’t lie on that side and on two certain points on ribs it’s excruciating when pressed on…when not pressed on it aches and is very tender so certain ways i move etc it’s not good…i was so pleased too as surgery went good and wounds healed fab and thought i only had chemo etc to contend with now…it scared about bone scan i have to be honest…and that annoys me as i’ve been such a ninja till now!! xxx