Bone mets

Hi my mum has got her cr scan tonight as it has been over 2 months since she had rads to her pelvis area ! And results of the scan are on the10 sep !! I was just wondering if anyone could just give me some advice as I read the thread everyday without fail … The rads did help a lot with the pain and eased a lot but after a few weeks the pain has slightly come back and my mum walks with a limp now as getting up and sitting down really hurts her ! When she sitting there is no pain and when she is standing no pain , which is great but bending and walking is not getting easier !;-( I have read up on bone injections to strengthen I was just wondering if anyone has had these and whether they would be beneficial or not for mum ? I just want to get ready for this app on the 10 so I know what questions to ask the specialist Thankyou all and would just like to say I find this thread so positive and it has really helped me learn a lot which I have passed on to mum Thankyou xx

Hi,laws ,so sorry to read your mum is still in pain. Your mum should be on IV zometa or Denosumab injections if she has bone if she’s not please ask about having one of these.She may also need another blast of rads to area. Or she may need pain meds tweaked. See if you can speak to a pain management specialist or a Macmillan nurse who can advise you on pain relief . They tend to work hand in hand with GP.
But you must get some sort of plan to help your mum.
Huge hugs,Helen xxxxxx

Hi ladies, my bcn rang again today to say she has spoke to my onc and she isnt to concered but has said if g want to see her nxt wk for a chat thats fine, she said you can get episodes of pain now and then but she did ask me to go and get my bloods done…tumour marker etc, must admit i do feel better for speaking to her about it!! The only trouble is i get my results on the day i go on holiday…yikes!
bc-lass im on denosumab injections, i was given ibandronic to take daily but only took them for 2 days because i could not be mithered with the not being able to eat, drink or taking tablets for an hour before and after taking it!!
Hope everyone is doing ok love Janette x x

What do rads actually do to bone mets? Onc said it would only take pain away but does it not kill the cancer too??

Hi. I am on denosumab injections …only had 2 and they have made a massive difference to my bone pain. I am at james cook hosp in middlesbrough and had no idea it wasnt funded as a matter if course.
Carol x

I’ve been on Ibandronate for years and at the moment I don’t have any bone pain.
We need some Clooney clones ladies. :slight_smile: