Bone mets

Girls felt like I was getting someowhere. Went toba friends daughters 21st and left early as just so upset watching all our lovely kids grow up and upset that i might not see this kind of joy and get togethers delt a horrible sense of grief. Sorry if i i sound weird. Also looking for advice. I dont have confirmed mets on right ribs but since being on examestene i have severe pain r rib one area. Terrified this is another met thats not been picked up. Has this happened. Ifbits another met then i have to get on with it im on treatments anyway but just wondered if its happened to any of you girls x


It does not sound weird at all I have good days and bad days but some things upset me more one of them being meeting my friends and hearing about their normal lives etc. Most of my friends are now becoming grandparents something I always wanted to be and also to be mother of the bride (which does not look like it’s happening anytime soon). Take heart that you are not alone but some days are better than others As for pain I was diagnosed with mets in my left hip but kept saying I had pain in my right too and ribs eventually was scanned again and there was a very small met in my right hip but nothing in my ribs. So a bit of knowing something is wrong and thinking something is wrong. Are you due for anymore scans ? Wendy

Thanks for reply. Just felt so bloody sad knowing that i wont be part of stuff in future. Few friends who know where upset to. Im due to start denosamab and pablicilab this week. Just feel raw. Its only been six weeks since diagnosis. Devestated x

Oh weemee
Try to look forward with the dx …you are getting the new regime of ibrance which is producing good results in the US as they have had it for a while now.
Take a day at a time and enjoy the sunshine today too !!
Hugs xc

Thank you all for your kind words. Started Denosamab today and palbacilib next week. Th mets sites have been sorw for a few days now and my rib is sore. Asked BCN could it be a met that wasnt picked up and she said yes. Possibly. Very honest answer. I just want to ask does the denosamab eventually help the pain and do the horrible dark thoughts get better. Going for counselling next week. Need to make an attempt and see if uts for me as this is all consuming. Also has anyone heard of thermal ablation for mets x

Hello weemee
Some ladies here say denosumab really helps with pain …I’m not sure really …I have been on it 18 months …some months achy some not. Its A very important to have for bone Mets though.
Best of luck with the new drug ibrance …there are a few ladies here on it now but you might find the Inspire site worth a look as its us based and loads of help there as its been on release there for two years so more ladies taking it.
Hugs xxx