Bone Mets

My mom was diagnosed with bone mets around a month ago, the gp told her it was in her skull, spine, ribs and pelvis. A couple of weeks later when we saw the oncologist she told us that it was in her skull and ribs but not in the spine this was just arthritic changes and not in her pelvis this was just showing on the scan because she had recently had a hip replacement. She then sent her for further scans to check lungs, liver, brain and hips. Today she’s had a call saying her results were back and to go to the gp who has now told her it is in her brain, brain lining, spine, pelvis, ribs, and skull. She told him what the oncologist had said and he said basically that the radiologist is an expert in that field and that’s all they do so the oncologist has got it wrong. My poor mom is petrified and no one seems to be giving her any answers or singing off the same hymn sheet. Really don’t know what to do. Anyone been in the same situation? Xx

Butterfly, That is horrible info for you and your mom. Are the radiologist and oncologist at the same hospital. I would want to have a team meeting if so! If a team meeting isn’t feasible I would want copies of the reports and opinions of each, so I could share them with each to see what they would say. If I still wasn’t satisfied I would want another opinion. I would jump on this quickly! 


I’m sorry you both have this confusing diagnosis. 


Hugs, FF

Hi FF,

Yes they are both at same hospital I believe, well at least some of the time. She was due to start her chemo today but they have asked her to change it to Friday because of staffing issues but her oncologist only works st her hospital on a Thursday so now they said she’ll probably be seeing someone else. The GP even said today that the practice needed investigating on this case but feel like we don’t have time for all that we need to get her started on treatment. I’m also concerned now that obviously now she has the diagnosis of it visible in the brain that she might need alternative treatment. It’s just all so confusing and she seems to be having appointment after appointment and still we don’t really know what’s going on. It’s been a year since she’s had concerns and visited the GP and it’s taken till now to get this far xx