Bone pain after palliative radiotherapy

Hello everybody, this is my first post. In 2015 I had Dx of breast cancer with bone mets. I had a wide lump excision, lymph node removal 8 chemo, 3 1/2 weeks radiotherapy, 1 year denusomab and letrozole.
I’d been having pain in my leg and had a bone scan,which showed extensive bone mets in ribs, spine, pelvis, leg etc. I had radio 10 days ago, but the pain in my leg is excruciating. I am taking 350g tramadol and max dose ibuprofen and paracetamol but it is having no effect on the pain at all. Before the radio it was uncomfortable, but nothing like this, I cannot walk. Has anyone else suffered this?

Hi Diane - sorry to hear you are going through this. There is a section of the form called Living with Secindary Breast Cancer which has threads on bone mets and lots of ladies who have the relevant experience to share with you. You might get a quicker response there. Sending you all best wishes. Xx

Hi Diane, just sending a hug and acknowledging your post. There are others like you on the secondary cancer thread. Best wishes . X