Bone pain possible secondaries


I wondered if there is anyone else currently worried about or going through tests to consider possibility of secondaries? I’m waiting on a bone scan following consultation yesterday. I have had an unusual pain in my ribs. Trying to feel positive but we all know the waiting game is awful. X

Hi Janey,

I went through precisely what you describe 3 years ago (3 years after being diagnosed with bc).

I had pain in my back ribs, mentioned it to the onc team as part of a regular check up, was referred for nuclear bone scan and then CT (think that’s the right type - may have been MRI) scan.  While it is an undoubtedly worrying time waiting for the results, the reason they don’t always carry out scans for every bone pain is due to there being quite a lot of false positives, since the nuclear bone scan picks up any bone ageing and old fractures or breakages, these appearing very similar or the same to how secondary cancer shows. 

Mine turned out to be fractured ribs - which I hadn’t realised I’d ever had! (I think I had aggravated the old injury while fixing a fence). Although I only got the good news after a stressful time awaiting the CT (or MRI?) results, since based on the nuclear bone scan the radiographer thought my ribs looked highly suspicious. Phew! Who’d have thought I’d be pleased to hear I’d fractured my ribs at some point! I understand false positives are quite common. 

So try to do whatever it takes to keep as calm as possible. While there are no guarantees and I wouldn’t wish broken ribs on anyone…I hope there is a more harmless/innocent cause of your rib pain.     

Seabreeze x