Bone Scan and the Journey So Far.

Tomorrow is my bone density scan - and then I have about 12 days or so before I start my radiation treatment.
So far, I have done 6 sessions of chemo which did not shrink the lumps that much also had surgery two lumps from the right breast removed and lymph nodes under my arm.
In all honesty, I came through both of these fine which was good as I am doing my treatment all alone, not because of covid but because that’s the way it is.
I have read lots of other people’s stories on here and how we are all so different as to how re-act to the treatments I also have found it interesting how we get treated differently from the area health authority we come under (I cannot complain) I have been treated well and considering the pressure the NHS has been under from Covid, all my treatment went ahead as and when planned.

Still seems a long way to go 15 sessions of radiotherapy, but needs must and at least I am moving along.

Best wishes to one and all with all of your treatment.