Bone scan and Xray inconclusive.

Hi Ladies need some advise again
Been having pains lower back for some months, area on lower bum cheek on left side hurts to the touch on and off and get pain to sit down. It is not all the time but can drive me mad at times and pain killers donot work. So i asked for a bone scan, just to put my mind at rest more than anything.
I went to the hosital today but to be honest i am now in limbo land.
Bone scan came back with a change in my hip bone (left)…? wear and tear!!! Had Xray today which showed an area…(the same area) Maybe wear and tear but they need someone else to look at the xray. I have curvature of the spine which can cause your hip bones to wear unevenly…So i left the hopsital with them saying appointment in a couple of months and maybe other appointments maybe needed. (bone dense etc i think).
The strange thing is i have had 2 other bone scans over the last couple of years and nothing has ever been mentioned about a change in my bones on my hip, which means this must have appearded in the last year…roughly.
Now at home pissed off and no clear answer to what is causing the pain but a maybe answer. I donot know whether to be pleased or not.
Has this happened to anyone else

Hi Forgot to say had breast cancer and secondary in lymph in the back of the neck and been clear now for about 2 years.

Hi lupin the pain you are having sounds very much like mine I have now had a bone scan and still awaiting the results I too was diagnosed with bc in 2007 and now clear.
I will let you know any results if that would help you
Jackie xx

Hi Jackie
That would be great. Breast nurse phonning this afternoon so hopefully i will have a better idea what is going on/what happens next. I will let you know aht happens. Thankyou

Hi Lupin

I hope you don’t mind but I moved your thread from the ‘chit chat’ room to here, if you feel there is a more appropriate room for your query do let me know and I can move it for you.

If you wish to talk things through with one of our specialist nurses please do call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Kind regards