bone scan followed by xrays???????

Hi all,

Hope everyone is feeling well

Was wondering if anyone has had the same as me ?? Here goes

I went to onc to weeks ago just for a check up, while I was there I mentioned the pain I was having in my right shoulder and that the gp thought it was frozen shoulder but I was to mention it to onc, he thought that my gp was right but would send me for a bone scan, better to be safe that sorry, well had the bone scan today, after it was complete the nurse sain i needed xrays on my shoulder and lower back, thought maybe onc wanted these but when i went into xray they said nuclear medicine wanted the xrays done!!!

Had two previous bone scans and have never had an xray after it, now my mind is in overdrive and i had to wait two weeks for results as onc on holiday!!!

Dont think I can do treatment again, original dxs may 05, 16 weeks pregnant, had mastectomy and chemo while pregnant and radiotheraphy when son was born, tamoxifen and zolodex. Reccurance aug 06, lymph nodes in neck and clavicle, all right side too, chemo, radiotherapy and currently on letrozole and zolodex.

Has anybody out there been sent for xrays immediately after bone scan and if so why??

Thanks for listening

Tina xxxxx

Hi tina
I am sorry to hear you are playing the awful waiting game i know exactly how you feel, i had a pain in my ribs which i had put down to lymphodema and radiotherapy ( i think i just kept making excuses really !!) any way when i went to see my onc he sent me for a bone scan and a chest xray he informed me that a chest xray is a matter of routime and especially if you are having a bone scan, i was told i would have to wait 2/3 weeks for my results by one of the nurses, not a chance !!! i rang my breast cancer nurse daily and i got my results back within 4 days , there was no way i was putting myself and my family through that mental torture of waiting , they have come back clear , please dont think you have to wait that long for results , do you have a breast nurse they get the results pretty quickly , please try not to worry and let us know how you get on and push for those results !!!
galen x

Hi Galen

My onc Dr Eaton is on holiday for a week and his next clinic friday week is overbooked but i will certainly ring my BCN everyday for the results, I had chest xray two weeks ago, I just find it strange that I was sent for xrays straight after a bone scan, one for my lower back and one for my right shoulder, this is one nightmare I can do without but there again so could we all

Wishing u all the very best

Tina xxxxxx

Hey Tina,

I think there is a little bonescan club developing here! It is awful waiting,and they do unnerve you asking to do extras. I asked to looked at my picture. I used to work in med physics many years ago so was interested in the new equipment etc. They said absolutely no - which has made me wonder - what have they got to hide. Oh dear it is amazing how easy it is to go into overdrive … think I will go and pul out more thistles!!!

Good luck - hope you get the all clear

love Jacqui

I had a bone scan which showed a ‘hot spot’ on my hip so I was then sent immediately for an xray which confirmed that I had secondary cancer in my bones. Have the same sort of pain again but its now in my ribs. This time I have had the xrays first and then having a bone scan on wednesday
Hope its ok and you get the all clear

I had a bone scan recently - ordered by my GP due to a sore back - was told by the hospital that the results would be available to my GP fairly quickly, possibly even the next day (our surgery has access to the hospital computer system so they don’t need to wait for a report to be typed up and sent through) no results available the day after the scan but they were ready the day after that… so as others have said don’t wait til the clinic, phone your BC nurse and see if she can help.

Good luck with the results.


Thank you for your replies, I phoned my BCN yesterday and she said she would keep checking for my results, and later that afternoon and told me that the xrays were clear but the results of the bone scan were not in, so fingers crossed that will be clear too.

Good luck to all waiting for results

Tina xxxxxx

Hi tina
sorry dont want to be intrusive but my onc is Dr Eaton and he’s on holiday!!! are you seeing him at lancaster ? i am at lancaster

Hi Galen

Yes my onc is Dr Eaton at Lancater and my BCN is Carol Brearley, they are both very nice and extremely helpful, how do you find Dr Eaton?

Tina xxxxx

like you say they are really nice and helpful, the waiting at the clinic drives me mad !! and sometimes Dr eaton seems nervy and tends to do a lot of paper shuffling !! my surgeon was mr peel and he is lovely, i now have my herceptin at home which is much more pleasant than having to go to the oncology unit, i have spoken to all the breast nurses at the clinic , i originally dealt with caroline but she has now emigrated, i am keeping everything crossed for you , please let me know how you get on
galen x

HI Tina,

At my original diagnosis I was given a bone scan and had to have follow up x-rays of my collar bone after a hot spot showed on the bone scan. The x-rays seem to confirm that it was just a bone spur and not bone mets. Arthritis can show as a hot spot and is also sometimes clarified by x-rays and/or MRI.

Really hope it turns out to be a false alarm, waiting is awful and I hope you get an answer soon (with the best of results of course).

Take care

I had a bone scan in June after my dx which was clear. Relief.

However, since my last chemo I’ve had a feeling like a brick in my ribs which is on the same side as BC. I’ve since seen the Onc and although he doesn’t think its anything serious (I’ve been there before with a wrong diagnosis), but is sending me for an ultrasound and an xray of the rib area. I’ve had a lung Xray and a liver scan since my dx in June, both of which were clear.

Is rib discomfort a common side effect of chemo? Painkillers don’t seem to help it. My GP said that there is no way it could be anything serious as all those tests were ok in June.I just wish I could stop worrying even though all the tests so far have shown ok.

Hope you all get good results.

Hi all,

Many thanks for you replies and good wishes

Waiting is definately the hardest but with 6 kids on their summer holiday i dont get much time to think about it which is good, will ring my Bcn again tomorrow and see if bone scan results are back, xrays were fine so heres hoping bone scan is fine, I have had lots of scans and mris in the last few months as severe pain in back and left leg and they just showed there were wear and tear on my spine which affects the nerves to my leg. Fingers Crossed

You got Dr Eaton down to a tee!!! My surgeon was Mr Peel too, he always made me smile as he was always immaculately dressed with his pearl white teeth

Well must be off to bed, early start AGAIN

Best Wishes to everyone


hi tina
ha ha you made me laugh about Mr Peel, i wonder if everyone looks at him and thinks "what great teeth " he is so dapper isnt he. ive got to take the kids out soon they are climbing the walls this morning with boredom, we are going on holiday on the 19th we usually dont go in school holidays as its so expensive but im fed up of this weather so i just thought blow it !! hope you can get some results soon, everything is crossed for you
galen xx

Hi Galen,

I know what you mean about the kids climbing the walls, just went out and bought them ds consoles as they bored stiff and then the fighting begins. Have a great time on holiday, going abroad? It is extremely expensive during the holidays so we took ours to Blackpool for a week before the holidays, we went to Haven in a caravan we won on ebay which was a fraction of the price that Haven charge although we spent about £1500 while we were there going to pleasure beach, zoo etc but cant complain as we do have 6 boys and they had a great time and they deserved to be spoilt as they have had a lot to deal with over the past few years.
Still havent heard about the results yet but trying not to dwell on it too much!!!

Tina xxxx

Hi to all and thank you for your replies

My BCN has just phoned with the results of the bone scan NED, just shows arthritis/wear and tear to my right shoulder and lower back, so delighted with that, can now stop worrying and get on with life

Good luck to everyone waiting for results

All the best

Tina xxx

Good news Tina, thank goodness for you.

Hi tina
Fantastic news !!, i am so thrilled , i was just going to send you a message , enjoy the rest of the holidays, we dont usually go abroad in the school holidays as it is so expensive but when i got my results i thought blow up !! but our neighbours are at marton mere in blackpool and we were going to go with them but it was pricey , i shall look on ebay next time !!
take care
love galen xx