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Hi there

I hope you can help! In 2013 I had cancer and treatments etc carried out!! I have had a recurrence but went for a bone scan today but when i had finished the scan they wanted to do extra ct to my pelvic area - quite worried - any advice would be appreciated! Thank you Jenna x

Hi Jenna I’m no expert but I think a bone scan gives a general picture of where there might be problems in your bones. If, having discovered something, they want to know more about it then they will do a CT scan. My bone mets were picked up on a CT scan of my abdomen which I had because I’d been having stomach pains. They then went on to do a bone scan to see which other bones might be affected.

Good luck and hugs x 

Thanks- they didnt do it in the end as I have a staging ct scan tomorrow so told me to go home! Hope your doing okay x x

Hiya Jenna
Best of luck for your scan for tomorrow and its good they are double checking and being very thorough.
You can enjoy the scan results diet then …it involves lots of trips to the loo but u do loose weight !! Ha ha
Let us know how u get on.
Hugs xxx

Hi carolyn52.

The ct i had today was just a normal ct scan and nothing mentioned about yesterdays bone scan!! X

Hi Jenna

The ct scan can show things clearer a bone scan will show spots which could be anything I have MS and when I have a bone scan the MS show hot spots so it can be confusing. My onc thought I could have a spinal cord compression once and although I had a MRI they also examined the last CT scan slice by slice so maybe this is what they may be doing with yours

I hope this will put your mind at rest.

Love and (((hugs)))  xxx

Hello marirose
Glad u posted as when I had bone scan they said it highlites “problem areas” but it doesn’t mean its all cancer …I wasent sure if this was correct as I’m rubbish with medical stuff but your comments confirm it.I think the scan can show arthritis and other bone wear.

Thank you all!! I feel much more positive! I had my cancer at 29 years old and had hit my 3 year target and now to be told from a recent biopsy its in 1 lymph node in my axilla! I am a nurse so you’d think id be more head strong lol x x

Both my friends are ex nurses and they say that doctors and nurses are the worst patients !!
All the best …phew you were so young to get bc but there are lots of ladies here the same age. I would like to see more research into what is causing it so it can be nipped in the bud but its a long way off.

Hi Jenna,


we all worry about ourselves, with this disease. i think that the more we know, the more some of us worry. I find that I need to know stuff, because not knowing makes me worry! I have had a few bone scans now…the dexa scans only show bone density as in osteoporosis. I have had the radioactive dye bone scanns several

 times and they, as everyone says, only sho where there fould be a problrm, but not only cancer. My ostoporosis and my fracturd wrist all showed up on mine.


my bode mets show up on my mri scans for my liver.and on cts, so as the others say, those do a 3d picture of what is going on and are more useful. Much love to you, hang in there.


Just to say, 

i do think its often harder when you are or have been in the medical/ nursing field.

but now, after all the nurturing and help you give to others,  its your turn to have some support.

do keep us updated. i tried to message you but your messaging isnt working yet.



Thank you!! Yes im feeling 100% more positive!! Sorry i hadnt replied sooner- 3 small children so they keep me very busy!! Not sure how to activate the messages!! Jenna x

Thank you- Friday i hear x x


I went in for my results! My bone scan was clear but CT scan showed some nodules in lungs which they are uncertain what they might be!! Could be scarring but could be cancer! X x

Mexjun, pleased to hear abot your bone scn and got everything cross that the nodules are nothing sinister…please keep in touch.xx

Hiya Mexjun

Brilliant news about your bone scan and it would seem your medical team are on the ball regarding your lung nodules so I will send cyber vibes that they are good too.


Love and (((hugs)))  xxx

Thank you!!

Im hoping its not a recurrence but they think it might be but could also be scarring! Im not trying to sorry too much as thankful everything else is okay and chemo should do the trick x