bone scane injecting

I feel really rough after bone injecting is the the right.

Rose x

Sorry to hear that Rose. No comfort to you, but I can only say I had no reaction whatsoever to the injection… hope it passes soon. Jane

GLJaneH…I just ach::::frowning:

Rose x

I’ve never had a reaction to scans prob pass by morn

Hi UKRose,
Do you think it might just be your muscles aching?
You’re already feeling tense and then to lie still for so long trying not to move during the scan makes your muscles even more tense.
Hopefully you will feel better in a day or two.
Take care,
Kate x

Hi UKrose

i had ct scan last week. It’s the 2nd to date. I was alright when i had the 1st, but with this one i was okay when i was still in the hospital but on the way started to feel really unwell. I got home and had to go to bed. I think these injection can effect us all in different ways.

Maria x

I remember feeling quite sick after my bone scan injection - my breast care nurse said that this was quite normal.

Hi UKRose,

I wonder, like Kate (hope4444), if perhaps partly you ache because of all the tension in your muscles from having to lie still as well as being anxious. Hopefully you will feel better in a day or two, but if you don’t then don’t be afraid to speak to your GP or breast cancer Nurse (BCN) for advice.

Take care.

Thank you all ladies:::slight_smile:

I just felt anxious and neves that builded up over night. When you look at the scan machine and never been in one its a shock. I feel much better now.


So glad you’re feeling better Rose.
It’s amazing what we find we can cope with.
You are doing really well.

Kate x

Thank you hope :::slight_smile:

Warm wishes
Rose X