Bone scans etc

Hi all, awaiting lumpectomy next week on a 6mm grade one, and sentinel node/s biopsy. Radiotherapy to follow. Well that’s the plan as things stand anyway.

I’ve had no mention of bone scans etc so far but have seen many of you ladies mention various scans on here, and was just wondering if all of us get scans?

Thanks x

Hi. I think it all depends on your health authority. I’ve had no scans apart from the heart one you get before chemo and when on Herceptin. I might be going for a bone scan just because I’m having rib and back pain but not sure yet. I’ve never had MRI or CT scans. x

Blonde I had grade1 4mm and didn’t have any scans, had it removed with clear margins and SNB which was also clear so just 3 weeks of rads and 5 years of tamoxifen, finished rads last week and feeling on top of the world, sounds like your heading the same way ?

Almost my story to a t! My lump turned out to be fat ,they then found another on with ultra sound so took biopsy , this also turned out to be fine by by sheer luck he picked up some early cells lurking on the outside edge,turned out to be just 4mm so very lucky indeed!! Like you it could have been years before it was discovered!! Xx

Hi Blondie,  browsing and came across this thread. I can relate to your question about scans as I’m about to start chemo and I’ve not had any scans (apart from ultrasound on breast) so it seems that it may depend on different health authorities. This isn’t an oversight as I specifically asked oncologist about scans and was told it was unnecessary.


Sending you best wishes for your surgery next week x

Hello ladies,
I have had a CT and bone scan. My tumour was large though 58mm and only found this out in surgery as ILC can sometimes be difficult to pick up on mam and ultrasound. I was Grade 2, lymph nodes clear and no IVC that is it hadnt gone into my bloodstream.
All my scans i had after surgery before rads. Must admit was really scared awaiting results of scans but they were all clear. It gave me a sense of relief knowing definetely that it hadnt spread. I would say from my own experience if they offer it to you take it as it gives you piece of mind. Dee xxxx