Bone scans

Hi everyone.
When you get the injection before the bone scan, is it one of those ones into the vein in your hand or a regular injection in the arm? I hate the hand ones - they hurt for ages afterwards! Going for my bone and MRI scans a week on Tuesday.

Hi Ruith
|I wonder are you called Ruth?? and spelt name wrong. I am Ruth too.
I have had scans galore the injections dont hurt a bit initially. My only prob has been since chemo i have no veins but before i had fab veins. Think they did them in arm.

Good luck hunny let us know the results thinking of you.


Yep, I’m ruth but i had to change it to register as there must have been a few of us! I use! my nickname! Nice to meet you despite the circumstances!


Mine was just in the arm, very painless. Then you have to go away for 3 hrs and try and forget you are radioactive…thanks for that!!! MRI is a bit noisy and seems to take a long time, bone scan a bit easier.
Hope all comes back clear for you.

Hi Ruth,
the needle for my bone scan was in my arm , where they normally take blood samples.
Hope this helps.
Rosamund x

Mine was in the back of my hand in my chemo vein, she did look else where but couldnt find anything else.You dont feel anything going in or through you its harder having to drink all that water!

i had to have mine on the inside of my wrist as chemo had messed upmy veins, but thankfully its coe back lear so no reacurrance which is what i was so worried about , keeping down the water was harder for me than the injection but it dosnt take long and its interesting to see your skeleton on screen!! hope all goes well . lynn x