Bone X-ray request after Dexa scan

I am on Letrazole after a full mastectomy & SN clearance 4 months ago. I had a Dexa scan a month ago and have been called back today for a bone x-ray. I can’t get through to the open access team and have been discharged from the breast team.
Anyone any ideas before I start flapping…:woozy_face:
Sue x

Hello Susie,

We are here for you, can’t say why you have been recalled, however I always thinks they are double checking and looking after you. Wishing you well and finger crossed for a good outcome.

You say we have been discharged from the hospital, however I think you will find you can still contact your breast cancer nurse for upto 5 years.

Please come back and let us know how your getting on

Biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Thank you Tili,
Yes, I’m aware of the 5-year open access care but can’t reach them on the phone and no appointment till 21st September. I’ll try my BCN instead.

Ive had the same treatment and scans and was called back to have a xray too i was then put on biophosphanates aswell as letrozole to help with bone strength. Hopefully you will be the same x


Hi Suzie

I am not certain but I believe if they suspect mets, they request a nuclear bone scan rather than an xray. It is probably maybe a slight density decrease hopefully.


I know comparisons aren’t useful but that’s reassuring, thank you!!