Just when I thought it was all over … seven years after second bout of breast cancer I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and have recently been troubled by a sudden onslaught of PAIN in the site of my mastectomy. “Normal” xrays were not clear so have to have a Scintigraph - last time I had this was in 2006 and I did not enjoy the HOUR in the tube nor the THREE HOUR wait between injection and examination (for the “substance” to settle).

Just sharin’ not scarin’

Same here re osteoporosis meds for it but docs dismiss any problem as cancer was 2006. Never recovered fully from the chemo , recent blood test shows esr up still won’t send me for any tests. I feeL there isn’t enough post cancer help when you have worrys, it’s like. Just get on with it now … You are well. Really !!!