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Hi, I’m having a right side mastectomy this Friday, all of a sudden it’s getting very real and I’m scared. At my hospital they don’t do immediate reconstruction if radio therapy is following surgery, as in my case it is. This will probably sound stupid but I have extremely small breasts, they literally dissapear when I lie down. I’ve always chosen to wear padded bras to make it look on the outside at least that I have a bit of shape, very low self esteem all my life because I’m so flat chested, the impact of having a mastectomy is numbing…feel very very low.

Hi Dianne
I am sorry to read that you are feeling so low, our helpliners are on hand with support and a listening ear for you from 9am if you feel able to call and talk things through, lines are open until 5pm on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC

Dianne60, I had a wide local excision and having smallish breasts meant that my left breast is now about a quarter the size of the right.  Also added to that the tumour was on the cusp of the breast which has meant that I dont have very much underneath resulting in wearing a bra being very difficult and uncomfortable.  However I have got around this by wearing a soft topped camisole.  Having smallish breasts has meant that no one really notices the difference as they both look small and flatish and while I can see the different I really dont think anyone else does.  I also wear a small scarf which sits over the front of my clothes again a way of concealing the difference in both breasts.  You can also try wearing the sofftie they give you which is very easy to wear, looks very natural, and to the outside normal.  Speak to your breast care nurse who will guide you with this.  I actually think it is better to have small breasts if a mastectomy is being carried out, however that is my own viewpoint and not everyone shares that view.  Good luck you will get through your surgery and move onwards and upwards.  Its just the start of the journey which is terrifying.  Take care. A

Hi everyone,


Diane60.  I understand exactly how you feel.  I am having a mastectomy on Monday with lymph node clearance.  I have also been told that I can’t have immediate reconstruction as I will need chemo and then radiotherapy afterwards. Very worried as like you I have always had very small breasts and all my life I have been extremly self consious and only accepted them in the last year or so.  I am so worried about how I will look as I realize now small was better than nothing.  I know I don’t have a choice as my life is more important than my breast.  It’s one thing to be coping with cancer but to know you will lose your hair and breast as well is cruel.


Roadrunner that is optimistic to hear that the surgeon was willing to offer implants on both sides.  I live in hope.  How long after radiotheraphy before you can have reconstruction?


Just very scared about the whole cancer thing and surgery on Monday I am not ready for it but I guess I wouldn’t ever be ready. It just has to be done.


Best wishes to you all 






Hi Diane60 I hope your surgery went well.  I am having the same thing tomorrow (Monday) right breast with lymph nodes clearance also and am terrified.  I have also been told that I can’t have immediate reconstruction because I will need chemo and radiotheraphy afterwards.  Also like you I have very small breasts and have always been extremly self consious of them.  It is only in the last year or so that I have started to accept them and now this.  I know that really compared to my life it doesn’t matter but I just feel so low and worried about how I will feel and cope after the operation.  


My thoughts are with you and I hope it went well for you and hope you are now feeling not so low.


Best wishes x

Hello everyone, thankyou for all your lovely replies, and roadrunner you give me hope! I was wondering if I dare ask for my good side to be made bigger at the same time ! Anyway, one step at a time.I had my op on Friday (15th ) and had just one night in hospital… I would of been quite happy to stay in a few more days, I felt safe and protected in there. The op went well and strangely I felt like a weight had been lifted. I’m bruised and sore and have a drain that I have to carry round for a week, it stops you doing much so that is good…it’s tempting to do more than you should after a major op! It took me 2 days before I could look at myself…but now I can wear a bra- a moulded one from Asda with no wire, I stuffed a sock in right side lol( not seen the breast care nurses yet cos of the wknd ) and I think I look pretty normal from the outside! I was just so pleased I could actually put a bra on without it hurting. All my family came to visit yesterday and it was lovely, though I flaked out at 5 pm completely exhausted! Slept much better last night and bruising is less painful today, don’t feel so tearful either. So! After the op I feel much better. I have drain out on fri, then one more week to wait for lymph node results… Fingers crossed for that. Nothing is worse than the waiting!! Best wishes to all you ladies that are waiting your op, I felt so much better after it was done, I’m sure you will too. Coming to terms with it psychologically is hard but I’m feeling stronger in my mind each