Book Club

Is anyone interested in starting a reading group/ book club? We can pick a book every month and read it and discuss it/ have a laugh while we go along. Anyone interested please post here. xxx

Hi Waffles and eveyone

this is good chance for me to say hello. I am not really new as Nicky will tell you but I am back for a second time. I loved the conversations on scifi and films and would like to be part of a bookclub I love reading.  Happy to read most things but like one of the other said  ladies it would be good to catch up on some of the classics. 


Please to to meet you all


Yes sounds a lovely idea waffles.

Just a thought waffles …this is the private forum here and limited members.
Why not advertise it out on a couple of the public busier threads to get more interest from other ladies and then they can enrol here.

Hi Carolyn,
I was just thinking that myself. I 'll just advertise it on the main forum but will keep the main Book Club thread on the private forum. x

I’d love to read some classics such as Wuthering Heights or Thomas Hardy  that I’ve not yet read.

sounds geat idea


Hi Waffles, I’m up and running now. Whilst waiting fir the first book to be announced, I think I will also join in the tv drama as I watched Marcella last night on demand - so it obviously allowed ppl to watch earlier than programmed.



Just a couple of things -

  • Re the Kindle - I don’t have one but bought a Kindle ‘book’ via Amazon and you can download the software to let you use it on a laptop.
  • To avoid having to buy them all, they’ll have all the classics in your local library.

One other thing…if you’re wanting something a bit upbeat I wouldn’t go for Thomas Hardy. After my primary diagnosis I decided I’d start reading the classics but found after reading some Hardy novels and his book of short stories, ‘Life’s Little Ironies’ I realised he’s not known for his cheerfulness! 


Enjoy your reading though, it’s a great idea.


Just ordered a copy of the book online so it will arrive next week. Soo I’m in the club now.
Hugs xx

Hi Barton,
It looks like the kind of book that most people would be able to get through in a month anyway.I haved enjoyed the Thomas Hardy novels I’ve read but it takes me a couple of months to get through one. and you are both right, they are quite depressing. xxx

So the first book is Longbourne by Jo Barton.

it isa sister book to Pride and Prejudice… So those who are adventurous can read both books. 

Hiya Samantha .
Hope u r feeling better after your hosp stay but no place like home.
I have already ordered the first book choice and if I can will read the one you have chosen as well if I can during the month.


i chose Longbourne, because I really think folks will enjoy it, Pride and Prejudice is great, but you don’t need to have read it to read Longbourne, most people will have seen the drama. 

Hi all,
Sorry Samantha. I tried to contact you and assumed you had gone offline. I hadn’t realised you were in hospital. I’m not sure if you have been following the last day or so.
I’m a bit confused as to what our first book is now.Is it Longborne or The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra as I had suggested earlier. I know some ladies have already bought the latter and I have announced it on the main forum. I think two books are too many to manage in the month. I don’t mind either way but we have to decide either way.
Best wishes xxx

Sorry 'bout that ladies,

I now know what Lilly Livered means! I felt too queasy and didn’t get to read all the posts thoroughly. 

  1. I Will now get the unexpected inheritance of Chopra and get reading! Slowly mind.
  2. When do we start talking about it? 

Hi SamanthaL,
Great to have you on board. I hope you aren’t feeling so queezy now.I can totally understand why you weren’t up to trawling through our old posts.
I think we can start reading The Inheritance of Inspector Chopra now and we can all aim to have it finished by a month today. 10th May.
Barton, maybe we should just be very careful in any comments we make on the book so as to not give the plot away. I suppose we can talk about characters and whether we are enjoying the story or not but try to avoid talking about the plot until we have all read it. If there forum moderators can come up with some way of allowing us to hide spoilers that would be great but I suspect they probably can’t.
Happy reading everyone!
Best wishes xxx

Morning ladies, well I’ve just ordered inspector chpora, will get tomorrow…This will be a mission for me I’m not not the world’s best at concentrating!!

Hugs Janette xxxx 

Ordered online too.I’m the same …usually read rubbish so this might b good for me to try something else.
Happy reading ladies xx

Hi Waffles, 

It is great to see this book club doing so well - what a great idea!

There is a way to hide potential ‘spoilers’ that you do not want to be revealed straight away. 

Firstly, click the smilely face covering his face in the text bar which you can see below.


You then will see a highlighted area appear in your text box. Make sure to type any content you do not want to be seen within the highlighted area.

Once you have then posted your message you will then have to click a drop down to be able to see the text. I have included an example below.

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I hope this helps, if you have any other questions just email me at

Best wishes,