Booked a place on the Younger Women Together event in London?

                                                   Younger Women Together in London

Booked a place on the Younger Women’s Forum in London but worried about going alone?

Every year we receive queries from women, including concerns about coming along to the Forum on their own. Feedback from previous forums has said how helpful it was to talk on the Forums before the event.
This thread is a chance for you to say hello and “meet” others attending the Forum. I will check in regularly and if you have any questions do let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

Look forward to meeting you next weekend.


I’m Louisa, diagnosed a year ago with ER+ grade 3 IDC, had lumpectomy, chemo and rads and now on tamoxifen. I’m trying to “move on” from the mess of last year, but somethings are harder to forget/deal with than others (is anyone else’s boob still blue over a year after surgery?!) Looking forward to the weekend and getting some perspective, advice, etc. Lx



I’m Laura, 36, married, two small children, live in Leicester, diagnosed in October last year. Still getting my head round it and hoping I’ll wake up and find out it was all a bad dream…!  I had a mastectomy first, and am now having chemo.  I’ll be having my last dose of chemo a few days after this event, woohoo! Then I have the hormone drugs to look forward to…   Not sure what to expect from this event, looking forward to getting some facts, advice, etc but mostly looking forward to meeting other people a similar age who can relate and are going through it too. Lots of love to you all x



My name is Niamh (=Neeve) and I’m looking forward to meeting you all and sharing information, advice, maybe a tear and hopefully some laughs. I live in London, my baby girl turns 1 next week, and I’m currently in bed while round 6 of chemo works its way through me.  I was diagnosed in January, had a therepuetic mammoplasty (breast reduction), have 2 rounds of chemo left then radiotherapy and tamoxifen.


I do still have a blue spot but I’m a bit behind you!

Niamh xx


I’m Rosanne, 36, mum of 2, from north London, diagnosed with lobular breast cancer last autumn. Had mastectomy and reconstruction, 4 rounds of chemo and am now having radiotherapy and tamoxifen, with the hormonal treatment going to be ramped up over the next few months. 

I’ve asked for my radiotherapy appointment next Friday to be either first or last thing so that I won’t miss too much of the day… will see when I get my appointment list tomorrow! 

Looking forward to meeting everyone. 


My name is Tania and I’m 45 and from Tunbridge Wells. I was diagnosed in October and have had bilateral mastectomies, 8 rounds of chemotherapy and am awaiting radiotherapy and to start on Tamoxifen - oh the joys! I have 2 teenage boys and a husband who have all been great throughout this awful experience. I’m looking forward to a night away, some useful info and a bit of fun! 

Looking forward to meeting everyone next week.

Hi Ladies,

I’m Heather and will be coming the event next week. I live in Chelmsford, Essex. I’m 33 and i was diagnosed in November 18. I finished chemo on 17th April. I will be having a lumpectomy and full lymph node clearance on 5th June. This is the 2nd time I have been diagnosed, the first being back in 2010. I am a BRCA1 carrier and had a double mastectomy and Diep reconstruction in 2013 as a preventative measure after discovering I had the gene. I’ve never been to an event like this and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

Hello everyone. I’m Pryana, aged 37 from St Albans. I’ve been married for nearly two years and no kids yet (we were lucky to sneak in a round of IVF and successfully freeze 11 embryos just before I started chemo). 


I was diagnosed in August 2018 with triple negative invasive ducal breast cancer. Following a sentinel node just before I started 6 months of chemo, the tumour in my arm was confirmed as having metaplasticised into a non breast cancer cell - squamous cell carcinoma. So my diagnosis became triple negative metaplastic breast cancer. I had 6m of chemo which finished in Feb this year. At the end of March I had a mastectomy with full node clearance and a temporising implant put in. (Hoping at some point down the road I’ll be able to have a diep recon). I’m now just waiting to start radio, which hopefully will be at the end of this month.


really looking forward to meeting everyone next week! 



I am Marie and I am 34. I was diagnosed in March 2018 with the HER2+ triple positive, grade 3. I had lumpectomy, 8 cycles of chemo, radio and now on tamoxifen for 10 years. It was very intense as I had all my treatments over 8 months. I still have some issues to move forward when I am thinking about everything we have been through with my partner.


I look forward to meeting all of you. I also want to have fun as laughing was a great treatment for myself ?



Hi, I’m Gemma and I live in Bromley with my partner and 2 young children.  I was diagnosed with triple positive grade 3 BC in January this year. I’m currently having chemo (just had 5th cycle, 3 more to go) followed by mastectomy and reconstruction, radiotherapy, herceptin and tamoxifen. Such a long and scary journey. 


Looking forward to meeting people a similar age to me who can really relate to what I’m gong through. 

See you all tomorrow xx