Booked a place on the Younger Women Together event in Sheffield?

                                                             Younger Women Together in Sheffield 



Booked a place on the Younger Women’s Forum in Sheffield  but worried about going alone?
Every year we receive queries from women, including concerns about coming along to the Forum on their own. Feedback from previous forums has said how helpful it was to talk on the Forums before the event.
This thread is a chance for you to say hello and “meet” others attending the Forum. I will check in regularly and if you have any questions do let me know and I will do my best to answer them.
Look forward to meeting you at the weekend.

Hi Steph! 

What a really good idea. I will be attending on my own and I must admit, I’m a tad nervous! I’m coming down on Thursday cos I’m travelling quite a way to attend. Really looking forward to it tho and meeting people. 

Love Dawn x

Brilliant idea 


Yes I’m coming on my own and very nervous but pleased to be attending and meeting some lovely ladies 


see you Friday


Hi everyone, I live in Sheffield so am not staying over (as it’s also my daughter’s 11th birthday on Friday!) but hope I don’t miss out on too much fun! Looking forward to meeting you all. 


Julie xx

hi everyone 

I am a bit nervous about coming on my own too but reassured by the previous comments.

i am looking forward to having a whole bed to myself as i usually get woken up by either my 2 or 6 year old!!!


see you Friday 


Hi all


Really looking forward to this. I will be coming on my own and looking forward to meeting you all.

Will be a much needed respite away from homelife. 


See you all Friday ?

Hi everyone 

I am really looking forward to the event this week and meeting you all

See you on Friday! 

Liz x 



I’m from Sheffield too but I am staying over - good chance for a lie in when you have a toddler, haha!! I’m really looking forward to this event! It’s so good to meet people who ‘get it’. I’m arriving a bit later on Fri morning as we’re travelling back from Center Parcs - it’s our Willow break. Got here today and it’s gorgeous so far!! Just what we needed after finishing chemo 3 weeks ago…

no one be worried about coming on their own! I’m really looking forward to chatting with people!

I’ve packed posh/casual for the night - pretty midi skirt but with my trainers… packed my wig but I’m more comfy in headscarves… see you all Friday!! Xxxx

Hi, I wasn’t sure what would happen in the evening either. Thinking the gym/pool or whatever everyone else is doing. Looking forward to finally meeting women who are closer in age to me ? x

Hi there 


I’m 43 as well, I’m taking my swimsuit, quite fancy a swim ? also will take smart casual clothes for the Friday night


love Michelle x


The event finishes at 16:30 on Friday so there’s a couple of hours free time before dinner (BBC weather says a little sunshine at 17:00!).

Feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in for dinner - some people change some don’t - completely up to you.

See you Friday 


Im looking forward to meeting everyone too :slight_smile:


Is anyone else bringing someone else with them? I only had my latest round of chemo last week so my hubby is driving me and staying over to save having to go all the way home and back again the next day as we have quite a drive. He’s happy to be ditched as soon as we get there though and do his own thing! He doesn’t want to cramp my style ?


Libby :) 

Hi Ladies,


I’m looking forward to meeting you all.  A bit nervous as I’m not particularly good at social situations.  Am packing my swimsuit.  I’ll be travelling down from Leeds on Friday morning - although it does mean I will have to get up earlier than I have been.  Fingers crossed.  


C x

Hi everyone, I will be travelling from Lincoln and am looking forward to meeting you all and chatting, although nervous!

See you all Friday 

I can’t go for a swim as it’s only 3 weeks since surgery. So no swimsuit being packed for me. 

I am going casual for dinner. Jeans and a summery top (even though it feels like winter). 

Only one more sleep to go. Looking forward to meeting everyone x 

Have arrived. Thinking of getting changed and trying out the gym/pool area. Hopefully see some of you later. Xx