Booked a place on the Younger Women with Secondaries Together event in Bristol 23/24 June 2023

Booked a place on the Younger Women with Secondaries Together event in Bristol 23/24 June 2023


Booked a place on the this weekend’s  event - Younger Women with Secondaries Together event in Bristol?

Feedback has said it can be helpful to talk on the Forums beforehand and this thread is a chance for you to say hello and “meet” others attending the event. I will check in and if you have any questions do let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

Look forward to meeting you this weekend 

Thanks for setting this up Steph.

I’m coming to Bristol for the meet-up and am looking forward to it. I’m Kate and am coming from Reading. I’m getting the train. Let me know if anyone else is and we could try and find each other at the train station.

Thanks, Kate.x

Hello, my name is Mel, I’m 38 from Stafford. I was diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer which has spread to my spine and Liver, back in November 2022. I had attended A&E with terrible back ache thinking I had a trapped nerve, the scans identified the Cancer, so needless to say, my life literally got turned upside down in an instant!

Last 7 months have been a whirlwind, but everything has shrunk and I’m continuing treatment to hopefully keep it that way. Im back at work, taking 1 day at a time. 

Looking forward to meeting you all. 

Mel x

Hi I’m Marie, I’m 44 was diagnosed primary when I was 38 and secondaries last month so is still quite new to me and a plan still being set up. I’m coming in Thursday as I am driving up from Pembrokeshire. I’m looking forward to meeting people who are in similar a situation so understand more than friends and family. See you all soon. Marie 

Hi, I’m Edyta. I was diagnosed firstly with primary then couple of weeks later with secondary breast cancer ( sternum and lungs) in September last year at the age of 35. 

I’m  coming from London on Thursday.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Hi I’m Juliet, I was diagnosed with secondary after finding my primary in October 2020, I have a bone met in my hip. I didn’t have any symptoms and it was a huge shock at the time. I’m doing well on treatment though and getting on with life. I’m driving there on Thursday from Cambridgeshire. Looking forward to meeting you all xx

Hi! I’m Joanna and coming from Belfast. Arriving Thursday as flight times don’t work to come Friday. Diagnosed aged 35 in 2020 with bony mets. Doing well on first line treatment of Ribociclib/Letrozole/Denosumab/Zoledex. Looking forward to meeting everyone and also having a few days away ?

Hi my name is Becci, I’m 34 and diagnosed with secondary ER+ HER2- in multiple lymph nodes in January 2023. currently on Ribocilib, letrazole and zoladex. Primary was in 2015 when I was 26, had a double mastectomy with reconstruction.

I’ll be attending and arriving Thursday as travelling from near Heathrow. 

Looking forward to meeting people in the same boat 


Hi I’m Rosie and I live in Frome near Bath. I’ve just come off my first line of treatment (palbociclib) for spine sternum and liver mets, now awaiting the next treatment plan….Looking forward to meeting you all, am arriving Friday  xxx


I am Nicole and I am coming in from close to Heathrow so have driven in from Thursday.  My primary was diagnosed in 2013 when I was 35 years old and secondaries in 2016 in neck, chest wall and rib.  BRCA mutation and Hormone positive, had hormone, endocrine and chemo therapies which have kept it at bay, however, having steady progression since the past 2 years so waiting for a new line of treatment to start hopefully next week.  

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi everyone!

Sorry this is super late, it’s been a hectic week of chemo, scan results (which were great) and organising kid’s birthday parties…!

I’m Alyson, I live in Corsham so not too far from Bristol but I can’t drive at the moment due to my brain mets, which were diagnosed in March…2 months before I was due to finish primary treatment…

I am really looking forward to these two days and getting the opportunity to spend time with women who ‘get it’ - can’t wait to meet you all later ? Thanks to Steph and BCN for hosting this 

Hello everyone! 
My name is Steph, aged 36 years, and I was diagnosed de novo in early 2021 aged 33 years, once all my results from investigations were received. I aim to live well with SBC (the local SBC group is called Living With, Living Well ? ) and like to try to overcome the obstacles that my diagnosis throws at me. My worst experience of this journey is relates to how I have been treated by extended family members and friends and the number of friendships/relationships which I have lost. Hence, seeking new ones! 

I was very late to the party, arriving last night ?

Hi Everyone, I’m Claire … I’m 40 and was diagnosed with secondary when I was 38. Mets on my ribs and hips. So far, touch wood … I responded well with Robociclib and Letrozole. I’ll be travelling on the train from Leeds Thursday morning. This is my first event so I’m really looking forward to it. See you all there :blush: