Booked a place on the Younger Women with Secondaries Together event in Bristol ?


Hi, Gabriella here…AGAIN… Just going to throw it out there with you guys arriving Thursday night…but how do you all feel about grabbing a bite to eat or coffee or something before Friday? Completely understand if a bad idea, or not feeling like it…but I just thought I’d ask…no children + no partners = FREEDOM!

Seems a waste??? 


Gabriella I think that sounds like a great idea! X

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m 44, my primary diagnosis was in 2008 and then secondaries in 2013. I’m currently on paclitaxel. I have a 12 year old daughter and am getting married in June this year!  I’m also quite nervous although looking forward to the weekend. I’m arriving on thur eve as well so would be lovely to meet up if people are planning to do so.

I would have loved to have met up on the Thursday night but I probably won’t be getting there till 10.30 so might need my bed after the long drive lol so I shall see u all in the morning on Friday. Xx



Good Morning lovely ladies…

have looked at the hotel website, and it looks like they have a seating area/bar/restaurant. 


Soooooooo, I’m thinking when I get there and sort my room and bags out, I’ll mesg on here that I have arrived and if any one would like to have a a bite to eat or a coffee we can meet? Pls don’t leave me like Billy no mates though! Lol???




I should be arriving about 7.30 ish so wild be great to meet up and have a bite with those that want to x my mobile number is phone number removed to protect privacy might be easier to text or ring once were there x looking forward to meeting you guys x see you soon x x Julie xx

Hi ladies, I’m Jo from Cornwall, 41 years old, retired teacher, no kids. I’ll be arriving on the Thursday night, but maybe quite late…
I had primary treatment throughout 2014, then my secondary diagnosis was summer 2016 (very widespread in the bones) and then a new, more serious, diagnosis in March this year of numerous tumours in the liver and also leptomeningeal metastases (the brain lining), which means I can’t drive anymore, so I will be bringing a companion for the few days, although she’s a teacher so has plenty of work to be getting on with!
I’m on weekly Paclitaxol now and had whole brain radiotherapy in March too, as well as steroids. My mobility is really poor at the moment, so I will be using either a walking frame or my mobility scooppppter, so you should hear me coming! I also have such badly swollen feet and legs from the steroids that nothing fits, so I have been having to wear slippers out of the house - apologies in advance for that!
Jo xxx

Hi Lovelies,

A few of us who chat in a different group have arranged to meet in the hotel bar area between 19:30 and 8pm so everyone is welcome to join?

I’m Jo, originally diagnosed just 28 in 2012, found out last year it had spread to bones and lymph nodes. I’ve got no kiddies but i do have a wonderful husband and two lovely fur children (Border Terriers called Fagin and Poppy).

See some of you tomorrow and the rest on Friday xxx

Kerry here. Would love to meet some of you who are coming on the Thursday. I shall be there hopefully about 3ish. Coming on the train. The thought of driving down to Bristol filled me with dread ?.. see you soon.

Hi im just trying to get sorted and I can’t find my info can someone please send me the name address of the hotel were goi g to please xxx Thank you in advance x x

Here is a copy of the email Boocade

I’m writing to confirm the details for our forthcoming Younger Women with Secondaries Together event. The event will be taking place at the Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel and Spa, Redcliffe Hill, Bristol, BS1 6SQ and here is a map with directions.

Registration is between 10am and 10.30am on Friday 11 May and the event is due to finish around 3.30pm on Saturday 12 May. We have booked you additional accommodation on the Thursday evening prior to the event. When you arrive, please let the reception staffs know you are with the Breast Cancer Care booking.

Breast Cancer Care will provide all accommodation and meals throughout the two days. As we have made a group booking you will not be able to charge anything to your room so please make sure any extras such as telephone, pay television or drinks bought from the bar are paid for at the time of use. There is a spa, indoor pool and gym available so if you want to make use of the facilities, please bring appropriate clothing. Onsite parking is also available at £15 per night. The hotel uses an automated car parking system and it is essential to register your car registration plate with reception on arrival.

If you have any queries on arrival, please contact my colleague Steph, who co-ordinates these events, on 07753724479.

I’m arriving Thursday so would love to meet up Thursday evening! I shall seek you out in the bar!! ???

Buongiorno lovelies! 


So this means I won’t be Billy no mates at the bar,  Whoop, whoop! I to will seek for the gorgeous group of ladies at the bar! 

Anxious and nervous all rolled into one, see you all later on 


Hi everyone,
I’m absolutely gutted but have been admitted into hospital for investigations for possible PE or maybe progression of disease due to chest pain. I have to stay tonight but if I’m released before Saturday and am well enough to travel I’m going to try get there. I was really looking forwad to meeting people in the same boat as me so if there are any groups or follow up get together planned I would love to be included. My number is number removed to protect privacy and my name is Sinead, I live in Coventry. Maybe I’ll make it there tomorrow, fingers crossed. In the mean time I hope you all have a fab time xx

Gosh we are going to miss you Sinead. We will all be thinking of you and hope to see you tomorrow if you are up to it x

Hi Hels from t wells i have only just seen your offer of lift thankyou so much i came by train, here is my mobile removed phone number to protect privacy i am at the hotel if anyone is around just been for a swim. Quite tired but could come down for a drink once i have dried my hair xx

Morning all, sorry I’m coming late to the forum party - I’m Rebecca. Hello! I’m heading to breakfast now so please catch me if you’re there or coming down. You can’t miss me, I’m very tall in a stripey dress and leopard-print shoes…
Look forward to seeing you all! ?

Hi Everyone

It looks like you will all have a great time getting to know each other over the weekend.  I have removed the phone numbers you have shared as this is an open Forum and anyone has access to read the information on this page.  If you wish to share personal information it is probably safer if you do so by private messaging through this site.  Their is a little envelope at the top right hand side of the page where you can do this.  If you do not have the envelope, please contact us here and let us know.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Ladies, what a brilliant weekend, it was so lovely getting to know you all xxxx


Wow!!! Thank you so much for a fantastic few days. Filled with laughter, giggles and tons of love! Thank you,

you AMAZING bunch of sexy ladies.

mucho, mucho L?VE xxxxx