'Booster' rads



My oncologist has prescribed 5 Booster rads, due to my age as it has been ‘statistically proven they are beneficial below 50 years old’. Just wondering here if anyone has had them, and if so if they are administered in the same way as the normal ones. Did you have extra problems from the 5 extra ones?



Hi Charys


How are you doing? I don’t know the answer to your question but wondered if your were having chemo before rads? How many Rads in total are you having? Also, I remember your lymph nodes were clear I think but are you having to take tablets like Tamoxifen?


Sorry for all the questions, Pre Op tomorrow and a bit nervous!


Best Wishes.


Hazel. xx

Hi Charys,

Booster rads are usually offered to women who have had a lumpectomy. The main rad sessions treat the whole of the affected breast, whereas the booster focuses on zapping the area around the location where the lump was, from recollection mine was a focused zap on an area with approx 10cm diameter. 

They make a template so that they can zap/target exactly the same area during each boost. 


It makes sense that by having a focused zap where the cancer was helps provide more likelihood that should any c cells which may possibly have remained get destroyed.


I hope the rest of your radio goes well, if you have any skin complications ask the radio team what they can recommend.


Hi Charys, a lot of ladies are given booster rads and they are just the same as normal ones I believe but aimed only at the tumour area rather than the whole breast like the others do, I didn’t have any boosters so it’s  not always the case after a lumpectomy, it will depend on size and grade of your tumour and is just an extra precaution and I would have gladly had them if I needed too! I take Tamoxifen as I’m pre menopause and although they have messed with my cycle I’m still having periods though not as frequent now which is a good thing, I don’t have any real problems with them other than the normal odd flush and bit of light headedness now and then, I’ve been taken them over a year now so ticking down to my five year goal! I’ve only just read that you won’t be having chemo now so hopefully you will sail through rads like I did and be able to carry on with your normal life and start to,put this behind you! Xx Jo 

No there was no mention of anything other than Tamoxifen, im fine on it so havent felt the need to question, i found rads a walk in the park to be honest, i know not everyone does but i worked everyday and life carried on as normal Xx

Yes i was 46 and now fast approaching 48!! The hospital will prescribe your tablets inititally well mine did then repeat prescriptions from your GP, hospital will write to your DR about what you are to take x

Charys i was given my Tamoxifen at my lumpectomy results appointment by my surgeon,they had them all ready for me and started straight away, i didnt start rads until about 5 weeks later, as for the nodes you have dozens all in a chain so the next few in line will become the sentinal nodes i guess !? Xx

hi Charys, my onc advised to start tamoxifen on the last day of rads, which is this weds for me. I understand that the idea is to ensure any remaining rogue cells are zapped, not supressed by tamox, however, all our cases & treatment considerations are different, with so many things to get our heads around

Hi Charys,


Sorry am late to this thread… I had 5 booster rads in April and exactly the same as you was struggling for information. There is a study out there showing evidence that boosters are v effective in preventing recurrence in women aged 45 and under. (I had to search for this online, it’s the Bartelink study here: thelancet.com/journals/lanonc/article/PIIS1470-2045(14)71156-8/abstract)..)


For the booster they just target the area around where the tumour was, rather than the whole breast and use protons which do not go as deep into the tissue (no one told me this beforehand).


For me, I was dreading the booster as I was tired and sore after my 15 sessions of normal rads, but the booster was actually fine. My tumour was on the side of my breast and they target a much smaller area, so it was a relief to not have my nipple zapped for the last few and I ended up with just a dark suntan circle where the booster went.


Now it’s 6 weeks on and my breast is back to feeling and looking normal and has been for several weeks. Our bodies do spring back and IMO the booster was worth it for the additional peace of mind…


Lizzie x