Booster week

Hi I have had my 3 ‘normal’ weeks of rads and actually feel better now than I did a week ago! Can anyone tell me if you feel any worse/better in the booster week? Is it a higher dose? Rebecca



The 5 boosters are delivered specifically on the tumour site area where the scar is, rather than the whole breast.  My scar is at the top of my breast so I had an area in a slightly rectangular shape which got redder as the treatment went on and increased for probably about a week afterwards, but then it started to ease down and turn brown, as if it was tanned, and has now disappeared, my whole breast looks like normal now.  The only thing I found as post rads, because I have quite a lot of moles, they got quite dry and itchy some days but once I applied my E45 they settled down.


I am not sure if it is a higher dose or whether it is because it is on a more concentrated smaller area, the actual session itself was a lot shorter than the regular ones, I think the blast was 40 secs in all.


Helena xx

Thank you Helena. I had my first one today and it didn’t seem that much different. I have been lucky so far despite having a history of eczema/sensitive skin I haven’t had much soreness just a bit red. X

My boosts finished 2 weeks ago but I’m still very sore like after the op, I find I need more E45 now

Are you still feeling tired?