Boots Health Club

Boots Health Club

Boots Health Club i picked up some leaflets about the new ‘health club’ being set up by Boots the chemist.
If you join you get a magazine every six months, email updates on the latest news, a free eye test and expert opinion on your chosen health topic
You can select up to three topics from Weight Loss, Healthy heart, Kids’ health, Vitamins and supplements, Pain Relief, Stop smoking, Allergies and the final topic, Women’s health, which includes Cancer.,

Anybody got any thoughts on the club? I think it is a good idea to give more people information on their general health. However, I also wonder if it is more a marketing ploy to get us to buy more Boots items.


A bit of both I think it is both a marketing ploy and a good idea. I was in Boots on friday and got collared at the till to fill in a form. The staff were getting very frazzled as they were having to ask every customer and consequently the queues were getting longer.

I’ll wait to see what I get from signing up and be mindful of avoiding the marketing ploys.

Hi I saw the leaflets in Boots today, but no-one mentioned it at the till. Might give it a go - weight loss would be my priority, but I don’t suppose they’re offering miracles!