Ladies what are you doing to pass the time in the week following chemo? I feel so fed up and tired but I want to do something and feel alive. At the same time have no enthusiasm. Arts and crafts are not going to do it for me though I don’t think. Any ideas?

I watched a lot of trashy tv, read books when I could concentrate and stuck my headphones on and listened to music when I couldn’t. It’s not easy but I just tried to ride out those first few days before I felt well enough to go out for short walks nature spotting and potter around the house. My house had never been as clean an tidy as it was this time last year!
Have you tried online games like words with friends and SongPop? They helped and reading this forum especially the thread for my chemo starters group for October 18 kept me sane helped with issues and gave me some lovely friends.
Wishing you well with your treatment xx