Hi lovelies

I am one of the minority that HATE bank holiday weekends cos my partner does not get the time off work - instead he has more days’ annual leave that he can choose, which is great when we want lots of holidays but shite when I am stuck at home on my own - we don’t live together yet and most of my friends live too far away for me to pop and see them - I can’t drive down to visit any of them cos by the time I’ve done the journey I’ll be too knackered to enjoy spending time with them. As understanding and supportive as everyone is, it is not ideal if I spend an evening with them and need to go home to bed by 9pm! There are a MILLION things that need doing around my flat and my garden, as we are about to start tarting the place up in preparation for selling it and buying a house together but I can’t even make a start on most of the things on my To Do list as i know I will be tired out before I have even made proper inroads into anything. My boyfriend has said “we” will tackle it all next weekend, but that basically means he does the donkey work while I do some pathetic little bits that don’t involve exerting myself. I feel so lazy and useless!

AND I feel guilty cos I told myself I could just spend an hour in the garden pulling up a few weeds, which is not too labour intensive and I am finding that fresh air is good for me in terms of blowing away the cobwebs, But what have I done instead? Poured a glass of wine and come to my computer!

I am laughing… me too… i have a birthday with a 0 on the end tomoz and doing a family get together, and then on monday i am driving 5 hours to see my partner… so i need to pack etc … the grass needs mowing, house needs cleaning but like you i have to pick and choose how much to do… i got carried away earlier in the week and was rubbish for 3 days… grrr. my excuse for the wine is i am deciding which i do!!

also like you we are selling up and buying a place together (and look at the rude word housing market!!!)

happy birthday for tomorrow!

i am relieved i have not lost my taste for the vino :slight_smile:

my boyfriend’s last words to me as he left for work this morning were “relax and don’t overdo things or tire yourself out, i will see you on thursday and then we will get some stuff done together when I can do the brunt of it” so I reckon I have his approval/blessing to sit on my arse drinking wine.

my other excuse for not going into the garden is that I hate the man who lives in the flat above me, it is a long story but I go to any lengths I can to avoid him, he is aware I have been ill cos of the wigs and scarves I am now wearing, and cos of the amount of flowers that have been delivered some of which he took in whilst I was out (and some of which he never told me he’d taken in so they were dead when I found them) but I have not told him anything. If I am in the garden I don’t want him opening his kitchen window and watching me, whether he chooses to speak to me or not. If my big bloke is outside with me he;d never dare

your bloke sounds lovely… your neighbour sounds a nasty slime ball!! My elder son sent me flowers today which my neighbours took in - i actually popped round commando because i forgot (!!.. yay - the first day i forgot i had no hair was amazing… my younger son was driving and offered to take me home to put it on, but it was only bloody halfords…so i said no… one bloke was a bit weird with me but the other was ok… he apologised for the other bloke and said look - no upset intended but he finds it hard - his wife is like you hairwise but she’s dying of lung cancer in a hospice… i thought poor bloke!!!)

anyway… these neighbours are v nice but since i told them re cancer they have never said a word about it!!! my neighbours the other side - we aren’t excessivley matey but they do knock if they haven’t seen me for a few weeks and ask how i am. when i saw Mr Neighbour after having hair zizzed off he went - hey - someone with less hair than me and we just giggled like maniacs. the reactions to cancer are so varied…

i am more inclined to go out uncovered now and if anybody does the pity look… i do the one right back that says i chose to come out like this… lol imagine doc martens and biker jacket!!! it’s the eff your pity!!!

anyway… the dew drop in is a friendly place… usually a few people in - come in some time - we do a range of virtual wines and not much whining!

the vaccuming has won… but in a minute…

my latest excuse is that the weather is looking a bit “changeable” and no doubt the minute I get stuck in the heavens will open. Also I have Thursday and Friday’s Eastenders to watch on catch up TV on demand, and I ought to think about getting some lunch, etc.

I am getting less concerned about people’s reaction when they know I am wearing a syrup cos I’m having cancer treatment, I long since realised people simply do not know how to react or how you would LIKE them to react and often can’t do right for doing wrong. The man upstairs is just awful and I just don’t want him knowing my business any more. When I moved into my flat I made the mistake of passing the time of day with him cos I am a naturally friendly chatty person but because of what HE is like he latched on to me and became a PROPER nuisance to the point I have had to be blatantly rude because my subtle hints about valuing my privacy and not appreciating interruptions unless something important simply went over his head.

is he an old geezer??

argh just had a phone call…someone popping over… where is the vacuum cleaner???

he is old-ish. He has never been married and was medically pensioned off from his job over 10 years ago and seems much older than he actually is because he’s not in good health and because he spends so much time alone that he has become an interfering busybody. he has zero people skills and on one hand has skin like a rhino (eg when I tried to be tactful and implicitly told him I didn’t want disturbing) and on the other hand is overly sensitive eg if I have cause to take him to task he is unreasonable and cannot understand why I have a problem with him. I cannot wait to be shot of him. He still disturbs me but nowadays it is by playing his music far too loud, sometimes all bloody day, but he is one of these who “knows his rights.”

phew… i have run round liek headless chicken but have a living room that looks okish… and a cleaned loo… bloody knackered now!!!

hmmm u have rights too… i work in complaints against councils and unreasonable noise is one of those things we do not have to tolerate… but then when u come to sell you might have to declare it as a prob…

oh pooh… need to put prosthesis back in!!!

that is why I don’t complain to the council - I could have kept a note of dates and times and even got equipment off them to record it (see, I know my rights too!) but I figured that since I plan to move imminently it isn’t worth it going on record. Also let him have his little bit of power if his life is so insignificant that he has nothing more pleasruable to do.

hmmm friend brought champagne and insisted we open it…her one glass because driving… me several and it will only go flat…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOU!! The sun is shining in London, hope it is wherever you are :slight_smile:

I got up at 8am, which is usually unheard of on a weekend but I am finding myself needing to get early nights cos I’m bushed, and then pinging awake much earlier than I would normally do. I thought, what the bloody hell am I gonna do, I could have done with sleeping late to waste a few hours! I have already tidied the EXPLOSION of jewellery that was all over my dressing table I haven’t cleared it up for months, and then I cleaned the dressing table surface - still have to put all jewellery away mind you. Then I did a bit of sweeping up in the garden but have decided to leave the copious weeds for my boyfriend they are out of hand and REALLY sturdy. I think that is enough work for today, I am gonna walk to the town centre at 11am and treat myself to lunch somewhere while I’m there, will open the wine this aft…

have a GREAT birthday xx

Hi Clarabel

Send us some sun as its not shining in this part of London…


P.S. loved reading the windypops thread - just so funny