Bouncing back


I have just remembered another one of my finds in my ongoing quest for that elusive cure for lympho…bouncing on a mini trampoline!

I kid you not!

I read a fantastic book (I have racked my brain but unable to recall author, think it was Ann someone) that made it all sound so simple and more to the point obvious (all to do with pumps??) even better, as well as getting lymph flowing I would lose weight without the word diet being mentioned !

If only it was half as good as it promised but hey it was worth a try!

If you google the concept you might be surprised not only can you do it in front of the tv it can be a surprisingly gentle excersise if things are difficult.

I borrowed a bouncer (you are bound to know someone with one in the garage!) and found that I quite enjoyed it (though not enough to keep it up!)

It is just something else to add to the mix!

My latest find is Antistax has anone else used it? I often look on a lympho site and it has cropped up a couple of times so think it is OK to take as lots of BC/MLD expert input


Hi Flynnsmum!

Do think the bouncer is helped your lymphoedema at all?? I too have one and I’m totally ashamed to admit that I bought it a few days before we moved house a year ago and I haven’t got round to unpacking it yet. Now I’m having chemo and I just haven’t got the energy.

I did know someone who said that every time she felt her arm getting a bit puffy, she’d get on it and have a bounce for a while. I have heard it’s excellent for lymphoedema legs and there’s no reason, as you say, for it not to be beneficial - encourages the lymphatic system to pump a bit harder, I believe. I really must try to get mine set up…and give it a whirl myself.

Bye for now, all



Anti-stax…yes, heard of it, took it for quite a while, didn’t feel it was doing anything for me. Thought it was jolly expensive, too.

I moved to France about a year ago and here you can buy, over the counter, something called Endotelon. It’s only standardised, refined grape seed extract (so it’s possible to buy the equivlalent in health food shops/chemists in the UK), but it’s reasonably cheap and is also sometimes prescribed by GPs in France for lymphoedema. I understand it takes about 6 months for any effects to show. I had to stop taking it whilst on chemo, which is a shame as I thought I was getting some benefit.

Before I left the UK, my GP was prescribing me Paroven for my lymphoedema. I know it’s very often used to soften hardened, fibrosed limbs, but, again, it didn’t seem to be doing a great deal for me (I think I might have needed a higher dose, which she wouldn’t give me) and upset my stomach, too. Have you tried it?

There is apparently one drug which has been scientifically shown to really improve lymphoedema and it’s coumarin and it’s banned in the UK and many other countries for treating lymphoedema as it can cause severe liver damage. Don’t we have all the luck!