Hi ladies,

I have been invited ten pin bowling and as i have had all lymph nodes removed having had mastect in 2006 and subsequent recon in oct 2009, i am wondering whether to accept. I know we are not supposed to do heavy lifting, but if i remember correctly there is a lighter weight bowling ball. Is lymphodema a risk do you think?
Your comments would be appreciated.
Rosie x

I suspect this would be a bad idea, even the lighter weight balls are quite heavy. To me, it just doesn’t seem worth the risk. You could try with your other arm though!

finty x

You could always go bowling and use the ramps that are available.
I have used these in the past for my kids when they were younger and have a friend who has arthritis in her arms who has also used this.
Hope this is useful.
Chris x


I’ve been bowling a few times, previously I would use a 12 ball but now I just use an 8 or a 6 which is no heavier than a shopping bag. Just be careful and when you pick up the ball initially and walk to the line, support it with the other arm too then you’re only holding the weight of it when actuallly throwing it.

Em x

Hi finty, chris and fairyem,

After consideration, and because my knee is now playing up (oh the wonders of growing older!) I have decided to decline the invitation to bowl for now.

Thanks for your feedback.
Rosie x

Rosie - good decision. It’s a shame to miss out, but my understanding is once you’ve got lymphodema you could have it for life, and to me it just wouldn’t seem worth the risk.