Bra fitting new lingerie

Apart from buying a few comfy bras after a lumpectomy and treatment for BC I have avoided buying any new lingerie. I was embarrassed at the thought of a bra fitting and didn’t feel attractive or feminine enough to warrant splashing out.
Eventually my husband persuaded me to make an appointment at my local M&S
and I’m so pleased I did.
The assistant was kind, sensitive and very helpful and I’m asking myself why I waited so long.
Please don’t hesitate if you want to buy new undies or need a bra fitting, don’t we all deserve it?


We certainly do!! I’ve been living in old t-shirt bras … tried to buy a couple of new ones but didn’t fit right … going to book a fitting!

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I went to m and s yesterday for a post surgery fitting.I am due my Lumpectomy on 26 Feb.They were great and I bought some lovely looking post surgery bras .

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Indeed! The only suggestion I give for s to wait a few months for the prettier ones. The are very expensive and are breast/s and surroundings are swollen if we have had a mastectomy. I had bought one and, since the beginning I felt it was a bit big. I went back and said it but as a had used it a bit 1 day I couldn’t return it.:roll_eyes:

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I feel BC has robbed me of so much of myself and I try hard to accept the ‘New Normal’ but I’m so pleased I’ve taken what I feel is a big step towards becoming that new woman I want to be.
Good luck with your fitting, please let us know how it goes x


Hi @AngieMR

I am glad that you had such a good experience and that this feels like a big step forward for you.

Our nurse Addie sat down with Corinna post surgery and an M&S bra fitter to talk all things post-surgery bra fitting. You, or others thinking about a bra fitting, may find these useful - find them on YouTube.

Sending our warmest,