Bra fitting

I had a mastectomy with LD reconstruction in 2012. I am still struggling to find a bra that doesn’t become incredibly difficult to wear! I have swelling around the scar on my back still and also have a pocket of seroma too! Can anyone shed any light on a comfy bra I can get?
Thank you in advance x

Have you tried M&S Post-surgery bras? Not a huge selection but I’ve found one that suits me and have it in several colours - slight padding, but nice soft pockets for a prosthesis and comfy wide fastening that doesn’t dig in. I did try their memory foam ones but after wearing for a little while the wiring became uncomfortable.

Not tried them as have got an implant so it never occured to me to look!! I will check them out!
Thanks for the reply x

Gosh Cotts, that’s a long time to still have swelling around your back scar and a seroma. Is there nothing anyone has offered to sort that for you??

I don’t know what area of the country you live, but I found it more helpful to visit one of the shops supplying specialist bras, to have a proper fitting. The problem with the rise in on - line purchasing is that some of these shops have been put out of business. But there are still a few. They often like you to make an appointment so that you have their undivided and uninterrupted attention. I’m in the North, so my nearest was “Womanzone” at Warrington. The fitter was great, very considerate and sensitive. I still feel you can’t beat personal one to one service, and once you’ve found a bra you’re comfey and happy with, you then have the option to buy it mail order or on-line. There are Nicola Jane shops in Leeds, and near to Southhampton, East something. Don’t know where else. But also, many of the breast units have specialist fitters who come in for sessions. May be worthwhile getting back in touch with yours to find out if they do and when. Or have a chat with one of the BCNs, see if they can advise you where to go. Being properly fitted is likely to reduce your own trial and error, wrong purchases, trying on first.

Good luck and hope you’re doing post BC and well health wise.

Delly xxx      

Thanks for the reply! It is a long time and I think I need to visit the surgeon again as it is very uncomfortable last time I went they just said sometimes it just happens ? I will try and locate a specialist shop! I am in the north west Manchester! X

Yeh, I’m in Manchester too. I hope you get both issues sorted. Have a look at the Womanzone site. My visits were going back to 2006, before on-line shopping took off. Their shop and fitting was incorporated into their on site sewing workshop (bit like Corrie’s “Underworld”!!). They used to make swimming costumes to measure in a vast choice of fabrics,and all sorts of other items. I’m not so sure what they do or don’t now.

Good luck Delly xxx