Bra for one stop appointment

Hi, reading other posts has got me wondering if I need to wear a different bra than norma l to the appointment for momogram, US and FNA/biopsy if requiredl (I usually wear underwired rear fastening). I’m expecting FNA/biopsy because of how big and prominent the lump has become in 4 weeks (esp now I’m in last part of menstrual cycle - google terrified me whether this was good/bad so I’ve learned never again!!). The lump is on the top middle of breast nowhere near wire bit. Any ladies help with tips on was it easy to get dressed and be comfy afterwards/what to wear? I’m 38 HH (affliction) and having real trouble sourcing any other type of bra than my normal nice underwired so any tips appreciated. Most high stores only seem to go DD or one is a G.

Hi there I think your normal bra will be fine.  You have to take it off anyway but they should give you a gown to cover up (might be worth wearing a loose fitting shirt which you can slip on in case they dont have gowns).

I swelled up after the biopsy (but not immediatly) so when you get home you might need an older more stretchy bra.  Having an ice pack or some arnica cream might help too - I have very small boobs and brused badly but it may be different for large ladies.

Hope it goes Ok




Hi I had mammogram and guided biopsy last Thursday and was fine in my usual underwired bra (38G). I did change into soft bra and PJs when I got home but this was just me being pitiful and feeling sorry for myself rather than being uncomfortable! TBH you spend most of the time with your bra off, I woud advise waerng a baggy top thats easy to take on and I off, I spent a lot on time on examination couches with my top draped over me.

Hi everyone. Thank you. I expected not to have a bra on throughout but was worried for afterwards. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think I’ll be fine in my normal one then and I can see me also going into soft one and pj’s afterwards. X