BRA meeting Chelmsford

Hi there,


I’m kinda struggling to shake off a bit of depression, I can’t decided what surgery to go for, everytime I think I get somewhere in regards to a decision one of the consultants puts me off (this time just before I was going into theatre for sentinal node biopsy last thurs). The pain of that one (although completely manageable} has really brought me down as a constant reminder of what I am facing.


Anyway I have been invited to the Bra meeting at Chelmsford this evening and I’m scared (though I don’t know why). I am hoping for some clarity of whatever/any sense. Has anyone been to one? The hospital there seems amazing. I have been referred from Ipswich. (where one of the consultants keeps putting me off the DIEP).


Thanks for listening.


My friend went to one,she is an Ipo girl,and like me,had our DIEPs in Chelmsford.She said it was very useful.I live further away,and hated that journey at the best of times.

Nothing to lose.It is a totally amazing hospital,if you do go fir the DIEP you will be in safe hands.My surgeon was a lovely man.We can’t mention names here etc?

let me know how you do get on.?