bra problems

Hi does anyone have a solution to my problem. Had left mastectomy and now wear prosthesis. I have loads of beautiful summer dresses with thin shoulder straps. As my bust is on the larger side I cannot find any bras that have thin straps, hence all these lovely dresses look stupid with a thick bra strap underneath. I would sometimes wear a tee shirt with thin straps before with no bra, but that wouldn’t hold my prosthesis now. Is there a solution? Are there tee shirts out there that would do the job. Any help really would be appreciated

Thank you


Hi @NickyB   - Mmmm, a difficult one. Have you yet tried any strapless but padded bras?? If the padding is adequately thick, you could possibly get away without your prosthesis. Obviously, if anything were to press on the outside of the cup, it would tend to indent it. Or you could pack it out with something that isn’t likely to pop out over the top, a soft prosthesis that you could attach velcro to and adjacently inside the cup so that it’s held in place? Or have it pocketed for a light wt. prosthesis.  This is bringing out my creative Blue Peter streak, Nicky!!

I bought some bras from somewhere (what brand?) that came with spare clear soft plastic straps to be able to exchange with the removable fabric ones so were less obvious/noticeable than fabric ones.  I’ll route them out if you want to know the brand.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment,   Delly  xXx