Bra recommendations

Hi I had my mastectomy in March with a reconstruction at the same time. Could any of you give me some advice please on where I can get some nice bras and what do I put in the bra to make it look the same as the normal breast. Most of my clothes don’t look right and because of the scarring my normal bras are just gaping where there is nothing to fill them.

Thank you in advance xx

Dear Littlelegs,

Well done forgetting this far with your surgery, you have certainly come to the right site we have all been there and now we are here for you.

Regarding your bras, after your Mastectomy your breast cancer nurse should be able to referring you to someone within the. department to sort you out with some softies as a filler which are very good, however, Asda supermarket are also very good and play a big part in breast cancer underwear, as does Marks and Spencer.

Wishing you well,        big hugs         Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: