i was wondering were i could get a decent bra from i seen on here bout a genie bra and can use after post op .or is there any were u can tell me to go plz need new ones xx

Just home after surgery and currently wearing a lovely plain white sports bra from M&S. They have a whole department/section on post surgery bras which my ma-in-law (who had surgery nearly 40 years ago) thought were fab and wished she’d had them in her day so you should be able to find something to fit.

Good luck!

sports bra’s are good no under wire etc and very good support xx

thank you ladys i seen some on ebay xx

Try ASDA - they do a post-surgery bra, and their sports bras are great for later on, and they are cheap enough to throw out when you get back into the lacy pretty ones.

asda do a pack of two sports bras very resonable in price.