BRAC2 Positive - Double mastectomy and reconstruction



Had HER BC 14 years ago so had a WLE on right breast  with Radiotherapy and Tamoxifen…


Recently diagnosed with another primary cancer on left breast and got genetically tested and come back positive BRAC2 so double mastectomy and oopherectomy inbound. Cancer has come back as stage 3 and triple negative. 


Choice of implants or DIEP flap for reconstruction and as I have had radiotherpy previously I am not sure if this skin will tolerate having inflatable impant…dont really  know whether to go down this route, as it obviously much less surgery than a DIEP only then to find that the radiotherapied skin wont tolerate implants or that the radiotherapy i will have to have this time will aggivate any capsular constriction…


so confused!

Hi beanbobs

I wonder if you would like to speak with one of our clinical experts on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.  They will be able to help you talk through your options.

Alterncatively you can post a question on the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum where they can respond to you online.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Really sad to know, my mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her life just after 20 days as it was metastatic and had spread to her bones and brain. No treatment worked for her and it happened all too fast. Sending my prayers your way. 

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No reconstruction is also an option to consider. I’ve had 2 mastectomys and am living flat and very happy with it. If you do decide to go this way, I recommend the facebook group flat friends.

All the best, whatever you decide