Braca test

I have just completed treatment for HER + breast cancer. My sister has been diagnosed this week with breast cancer which has come as a shock. Should I ask for a BRACA test so we can inform our children of possible risks?

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Hi @fengirl45

Welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you have had to join the group that nobody wants to join and that your sister is now in the same situation.

I am also HER2+ and they found a lump in each breast (bilateral) which is more unusual. I have no family history of bc in the family but my diagnosis meant I was eligible for testing.

I would talk to your team about your sister’s diagnosis and they will advise if they can put you forward to the genetics team. My oncology team said they thought I would be eligible but it took the genetics team 6 months to say I was. Then it’s now another 3/4 month wait to see what comes from testing my blood sample. I should hear end of May/June.

Take care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: