Brain lack off

I wish I can go to the shop and buy a new motherboard and delete some files from my memory ,that’s if I can find it that is.
Life is a bitch at the mo
I am on sick at the min 5 weeks. Totally having a melt down. As normal working with kids/ colleagues and people who are not educated or have any people skills ,have just put the nail in my coffin for me to be off. I struggle every day to go in and face the very negative environment. But a few seem to like the fact they have power over u or love the dramas and cause it. Me I like to me be in background and watch but I hate it there. But scared to death of getting new job as my brain and memory is so bad. The nice people I work with the other day moved my fan while I was in another room photocopying and was talking bout me when I walked in. U feel venerable but recently it feels they are singling me out and because I use my disability when there is things I can’t do they are not very understanding and kind of try to dig heels in for me to do it.
Which has back fired this time. Will this ever change ?

Hi Nic1970

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Thank you

Dear Nic - just read your post and feel so much sympathy for your situation.  Sounds as though you might have gone back to work before you were really fit enough. When did your treatment end?   I have managed many offices in the past and I am worried that you are feeling so alienated from your colleagues.  Do you have a senior colleague or boss that you could tell how you are feeling?  Looking back I can remember colleagues who returned from sick leave and were not the same people.  No.w that I have had breast cancer myself I certainly understand that the mental impact of serious illness is harder to recover from than the physical treatment but unless you have been in this situation you just don’t get it.   Please talk to HR or someone in authority about how you are feeling.  There will be someone who understands and Who  may be able to smooth things out for you at work.    The people you are working with may not realise what you have been through.   Good luck.   Keep talking.  Jennifer

My treatment finished end of 2013. I have tried to talk to my colleagues but there is no sympathy or empathy there very young and no matter how many times I say things they don’t get it. I feel like a broken record. The higher bosses are so busy , half of the time you feel like you’re being a burden and a problem. I am thinking of returning next week even though I’m still not quite hundred percent. Going insane staying at home. We see how it goes if still bad I have decided to leave. See what HR arranges as before sick they said occupational health and something in place to get line manager to clear air type of thing. We will see. They have all these policies and procedures but never follow them. Being off for 6 weeks this week supposed to have home visit after 4 weeks. Yeah right. They are so not PC at all.