brain mets and radiotherapy

Hi have been told i will have 10 sessions of radiotherapy over a two week period. Very scared as i guess its the unknown,. IF anyone can give me any advise really gratefull

Thats exactly the same as me!  Not finding alot of people with any experiences to report! Do you know when you start?  They said within 2 weeks to me so it sounds like we may be doing this at a very similar time!

Hi both. I was diagnosed with a secondary brain tumour in Feb this year. I had one tumour 1.9 cm in left temporal lobe. I was lucky in that they managed to remove it by craniotomy and as they didn’t see any more mets they have taken a watch and wait approach with me. I am off for third follow up CT and MRI scans this pm. So I don’t have much I can say about radiotherapy I’m afraid. I do know there is another lady who did have radio fairly recently and as I recall the side effects were not too bad. Her post may have been bumped, if not I will try and find it for you. You could always pm her as sometimes users do not always check forum that often. There are a few of us about still going strong. Sending positive vibres. Sarah

I start on Monday so anything you can share on your experiences so far would be brilliant. Good luck xxx