Brain Mets - Anyone managed to get their driving licence back?

Was diagnosed last April with MBC with lung and liver mets.  Subsquent scan found bone mets which weren’t picked up on the initial scans but oncologist thinks they were there.


In June this year I ended up hospitalised due to severe headaches.  Oncologist had schedule a CT scan including head as I also had some numbness in my left leg.  Didn’t make it that far as got scanned when I was hospitalised.


Anyway, long story short, multiple brain mets showed up.  Finished whole brain radiotherapy about 6 weeks ago.


The whole thing is obviously a blow but I’m utterly devasted about having to give up my driving licence especially as my husband doesn’t drive.  This is the only thing I’ve cried over since my initial diagnosis last year.  My oncologist, who is normally very level headed, said she’d only ever heard of a couple of people get their licences back.  However, the nurse specialist seemed very surprised that I’d been told this.


So I was interested to hear if anyone has successfully had their licence reinstated after brain met diagnosis and if so, how long did it take?  Understand everyone’s circumstances are different.

Hi Susan

I am so sorry that you havent had a response to your post yet.  Maybe you could post in the secondary private group?  It may be that people would prefer to answer you in a more private space?

You may also find it helpful to speak with one of our experts on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

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sorry to hear about your diagnosis and driving license…there is a website in USA  called breast they have a fairly active forum called brain met sisters it’s very much like this site full of well informed lovely ladies.

with love