Brain mets - what sort of headache

Hi, i wonder if someone can tell me what the headaches are like please.
The last few days i have had this pain in one of my temples. It only last for a min or 2. I do have sinus problem that side and thought it was that. Then in the middle of the night same pain but in the other temple woke me up. So i lay there for 2 hours diagnosing myself with bain mets. Seems to be in the temple and slightly over brow bone.
Never been woken up with headahe before and i think thats what was scaring me.
I suppose it could be sinus in that side too, have been working like a crazy women in the garden (in my bikini) the last 3 days too and for alot of the time i didnt have my headscarf on so…

Sorry I can’t help about the headaches but just wanted to agree that you are a crazy woman. Working out in a bikini in the garden? I take it you don’t live in the uk? I’m wearing two big jumpers indoors right now LOL

No, not the UK, France.
My head pains started afew days ago i suppose the first day i was in teh garden.
Our garden is at the side of a school, so i am sure the sight of this fat bald women in a bikini digging away in the garden (jungle)must keep them amused :slight_smile:
I was worried last night when it woke me up - terrible pain in my temple. I suppsoe it could be many things but as usual paranoid - especially at night.

Yes Pineapple, you are the talk of the town!!!

Can’t help with your query, but bumping up for you so as someone else can.

Someone out there with brain mets please???

There are quite a few people on here with brain mets and i wonder if this post was put into ‘Living with Secondary Cancer’ section it would get more replies.

My daughter’s cancer went to her brain but by the time they had discovered it she already had two large tumours … she only survived another 3 months … so I don’t feel qualified to answer as Lisa was a very unusual case with a very aggressive cancer which became tumours very quickly. The first she knew was when she awoke with a headache so bad it felt like an axe through her head and thats when they discovered the first tumour which was as large as a chicken’s egg.I saw it on the scan.

There are quite a few women on here with brain mets who are doing really well especially after Whole Brain Radiotherapy and other treatments.

Thanks for the replies.
Well, i had the headache for 2 weeks. I call it a headache but its more a sore pain at one temple and sometimes in the other one or both. It seems to be intermittent and might only last a min at a time. After 2 weeks i then had a bad headcold and my nose has been terrible with lots of sinus pain around the eyes etc. I have a freind with exactly the same and my daughter has started with it too.
I get a day or two without anything then a day with some pain.
So i suppose on the whole its slightly better. I will see what its like when my head cold has gone.

Hi Pineapple
I thought I would post after reading your latest comment- it may not be much help but Ive been experiencing something very similar to you. On the right side of my head just behind the temple I get a pain which sometimes lasts maybe a minute or two but comes and goes nearly every day. anyway the point is I was admitted to hospital with a sinus infection about 6 weeks ago and its been there since then so Im hoping the two are related especially after you also mentioned sinuses- Im going to wait til next week and if its still happening will mention it to the chemo nurse when Im in. Hope your pain goes away along with the head cold

I’ve suffered with bad sinuses since childhood(what a miserable affliction)and can remember on two occasions being woken up in the middle of the night with a awful headache.It got a lot better both times when I managed to sit up in bed,so I put it down to my sinuses not being able to drain properly and the probability of some sort of pressure headache.Now I just get pains around my eyes,in my ears -even sore throats with my post nasil drip.I’ve tried everything to no avail…You can get pains in your temple through stress…Got to say it though Pineapple you remind me sooo much of my sister- she does the same sort of crazy gardening!!
Josie x

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