Brain mets WRB delayed SE

I had whole brain radiotheraphy about 8 weeks ago following surgery to remove a small tumour.
I’m now on chemo - cap.
I’ve suddenly getting returned side effects from the brain dad. Headaches, burning scalp. Slight pressure feeling. Also spiking temp.
Last week because I’m on chemo and had a spiking temp I called helpline the hosoital gave me and I was triaged to hospital to check for neuropenia. Everything was fine and bloods were all perfect and no infection.
I continue to have a spiking temp. And head feel a on fire. Jist wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks foe your thoughts

Bunny, I’m not sure if any of the ladies are doing whole brain radiation.If you don’t get a response maybe you can ask on American site called Inspire or I believe has a brain mets thread.  You could also talk to a nurse on here. FF

Ok thanks